Question for video marketers: Can I assume this as true?

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I admit I am clueless about video marketing but after studying the topic I am almost ready to start. I am doing my research around popular videos ranking high on Youtube for my niche. I see in the source code that they are not using right keywords. Can I assume that they are easy to outrank by using the right keywords in there? Am I right?

Thanks for your help
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  • People are going to search YouTube like they search if you know that (using Google's keyword tool) that you can do better, chances are you will outrank them.

    Also -- I think CONSISTANCY in putting up videos is very important too. The more videos you have targeting audiences, you get more views/subscribers.
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    Actually it is amazing how video marketers overlook the SEO aspects of their videos.

    So, you're right, the canny marketers usually find it remarkably easy to outrank their competitors.
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    If you have the views. You need some views first to outrank, you can do it in one to four days. vagex is one way and there are others.
    The more views you get the longer you will stay at top.
    I can rank a youtube video at the first page of google almost everytime with the right keywords and number of keywords.
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      In one word: Yes.

      And if I may, a couple of other things I've learned through ranking 1 single video (Both YouTube and Google - test case for a client).

      1. SEO the hell out of not only the video pages, but YOUR CHANNEL.
      2. Any paid view/subscribe/like traffic you pay for should be from a high retention view source. And if possible, verify that this all this traffic will not come from one source. I'd suggest such a source, but I haven't had the chance to seriously test such a service.
      3. If you are going to do any backlinking and or social media promotion, get that content READY, and send it out within HOURS, not days, of uploading your videos.
      4. Within HOURS of uploading each video, ping the video page url. There are any number of free sites that will allow you to do a short list of pings at once.
      5. Don't forget you can like your own video.
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    Best investment you will make is one of the top selling youtube wso's here. I won't mention any of mine either, jsut find one with alot of replies, scan it, looks good buy it. You tube is still really untapped by internet marketers in terms of ranking videos.
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    I also do a new channel for each video. I have hundreds of youtube accounts because of that lol. Keywords are everything, remember two many keywords and it will hurt you. I use about 8.

    Also I always get emails after a wso on youtube.
    They say, I did everything you said, I'm number 1 or 3 or whatever on google, but No sales. Then you go to there description and then squeeze or landing page and the product and its all crap.

    So everything has to be there, and don't get confused with have a top google spot for a video and making money with there monitization. Views do that not rankings.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I understand that I need the views and I have a website getting visitors and some subscribers so I plan to embed vids on my website and promote them to my email list.

    My question is about Youtube SEO and I think it's clear now.
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    i've actually purchased several wso's on video marketing and have a few free ones as well. I've taken little nuggets from each and feel pretty confident in ranking a video for ANY keyword.

    therefore my suggestion would be to do the same because each wso i have has something left out that the next wso includes.

    if you'll only be working with long-tailed, perhaps local, low-searched keywords, nevermind.
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      Originally Posted by ncp63837 View Post

      therefore my suggestion would be to do the same because each wso i have has something left out that the next wso includes.
      Idon't understand very well. What's exactly what you suggest?
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