Web Hosting Recommendations Needed!

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Hi Warriors,

Based on a recommendation from another board owner, I have used All Web Co for my hosting company for approximately 7 years.

But right now, I'm having problems with them. They offer very reliable hosting service but I'm finding that they're slow in helping out with technical issues if/when I encounter them.

Also, I noticed that they have older versions of common scripts installed (PHP, MySQL) installed and it's causing a big problem for me. I think it's a host's responsibility to keep updated and current versions of common scripts like this installed, but worse, they're being extremely slow in responding to my problem. (I'm finding that the version of MySQL is a slightly older version and may be the cause of the problem I'm encountering with a database I'm trying to create.)

Do you have any host you might recommend? I'm extremely frustrated at the moment and just don't want to deal with the hassle anymore. I've never switched hosts before because I just don't want the hassle. But I think I've just about hit my limit.

My primary concerns in going with a new host are:

1. Do they keep their PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, Zend Optimizer, etc. CURRENT and UPDATED?

I recently had to pay extra to have them upgrade to the newest version of Zend Optimizer. Now I'm having trouble with a script I've installed because they don't have the latest version of MySQL installed. I don't think I should have to pay extra $$$ every time I turn around because they don't keep their stuff current and updated.

2. Live, prompt, real-time, support!

If/when something goes wrong, I need to be able to contact someone and have them respond promptly. Phone and live chat is preferable with support available 24/7. My current host doesn't have live chat or phone support available, just a support desk ticket system. Their timeframe is 4 hours to get back to you, but I've found that that's not absolute.

I DID get a prompt response from support in the wee hours this morning, but now that I've encountered another problem trying to create a MySQL database, I haven't heard from them for a while. I'm dead in the water until they can get this fixed.

It looks like my version of MySQL needs to be updated, but I have no idea how to do that or if they need to do it.

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