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Hey guys, I just made a squeeze page. It's about dating and relationship niche. I am not so confident that it will convert well. So please, give me some advice or opinion about my squeeze page. You can see my squeeze page on the attachment below.

The traffic comes from a display ad I put on a website. The ad goes like " watch this video xxxx ". So before they watch they video, I want to get their email first. But I also provide the link right to the video if they don't want to opt in.

What do you think? Please just give me feedback even if it's just 1 word (good, bad, cheesy, etc)
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    Not going to critique your page but will tell you this. Most read left to right top to bottom.
    Also most watch videos read captions under the videos and look at the pics and read captions under the pics before they ever read the type.

    I know you may not know what Im saying but think about while you look at your squeeze page.
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    Hello Nicholas,

    I believe that your squeeze page is a bit complicated because you put them into dilemma (gift or video). Why don't you tell them to subscribe for the video and then giving them the gift as a bonus or visa versa?

    Good luck,
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    Why are you giving them the choice to get your video right away without having to opt-in? You left a huge chunk of potential leads there :|
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      Your last paragraph uses the words... "crappy" & "stuffs". This is bad english and sounds bad.
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    If your video is genuinely good and not just something you threw together in order to get their email address let them watch the video first then at the end of the video tell therm if they liked it to opt in for more of the same.

    You give them something of value up front. They get to know that you know what you're talking about. They opt in because they want to hear more and NOT simply because you forced / bribed them to.

    You'll get less opt ins but the quality will be much higher and the people that do end up on your list will do so because they wanted to. This means higher open and click rates and more sales.

    Your method means non existent (like 5% or less most likely) open rates, abysmal click rates, tons of spam complaints and no sales until you have thousands of subs.
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