Have you ever bought likes in Fiverr?

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I want to promote my website but still I don´t have likes. Do you think people noticed how many likes do you have in your site so they can decide to buy?

What about buying likes in Fiverr?

Thanks =)
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    Fiverr do offer likes, but as long as you can get real likes from real people and not using a bot then of course you are getting real people liking your services / products.

    Most of the likes/ views are actually using bot and therefore, all you get is so called bot likes and fake account likes which is just a profile with 20-50 other fake friends and thats about it.

    However, their are several sellers who might be able to actually advertise your products/services and get some likes but highly unlikely that can be done with such a low budget source.

    One thing you may do is to engage your customers using draw and competitions. Such as, like my facebook fan page and win blah blah and use posters/banner around your local community and make real people to engage on your FB fan page with actual traffic coming to your website and people will be real because at least they have some interest in your service or products.

    I hope, this is useful.

    Kind regards,
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      It blows my mind anyone would ever think about buying likes. Out of 1,000 you might get 1 real person who actually is interested in your topic.
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        Originally Posted by BamIPD View Post

        It blows my mind anyone would ever think about buying likes. Out of 1,000 you might get 1 real person who actually is interested in your topic.

        It shouldn't blow your mind...

        If you knew how social media platforms worked, you would understand that pages get ranked by how many "likes" the page has...


        If you have a "web marketing" page and you want it to be at the top of facebook search, you better buy some fake likes for it so you get the real likes when people search for "web marketing" and your pretty page is at the top

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    Most people who buy FB likes from Fiverr don't expect real people (although real people would be a bonus), most buyers of these FB services (the ones that know what they are doing), are looking for SOCIAL PROOF indicators. Agree or not with the ethics/morality of this line of thinking, it is real and it is happening.

    With that said, if you want REAL FB likes, there are fiverr providers for this but the amount they can deliver is relatively low compared to bot users. Still, if real users are your target, you shouldn't be put off by the low numbers.
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    Why not just "promote a post" and get real "likes"?
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    #1 - In the IM field most people know fake likes can be purchased and so pay no attention to them.

    #2 - If you are reduced to buying likes you have bigger problems anyway.

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    I've not found anyone selling REAL likes on Fiverr, I would agree with what is said above that prob most of them will be bots. I think it can also be a little obvious that you have fake profiles "liking" your page if those profiles don't really match your specific Page niche.

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    Thanks so much for the information and thanks RogueOne for telling me about the link. I would have never noticed without you.
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    Isn't it better to focus on creating more attractive/useful posts that would actually earn a lot of likes instead of trying to buy them? Ultimately, people look more at the actual website and posts and what they can gain from what they find there rather than just the number of likes.
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    Instead of buying fake likes on Fiverr, why not pay someone on Fiverr to share your Facebook page on their FB page or Twitter account? There are plenty of gigs on Fiverr that will do this for you. This way you will gain real likes, not bots.
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    If you have the time, I'd say try and collect real likes. Might help your website ranking as well, compared to the bot ones.
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    Why not just ask Facebook friends to Like it?

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    Seriously people, if you want high quality likes then go with Facebook ads. You can't go wrong with this. It is better to have 100 likes for $5 per day from premium countries like the US than to have 10,000 fake likes for $5.
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      Originally Posted by lalit657 View Post

      It is very often that these days people are buying likes from fiveerrr...it is really very trustable...likes are not decreased and it is genuine too...i also give services related to social websites likes....fiverr.com/lal121arrot
      Yes, some Fiverr sellers can provide genuine likes for $5 but have you noticed where those likes come from? Afganisthan? Azerbaijan? Some place in the corner of Timbuktu? Only a small fraction of them will convert.
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    Be very warey of buying likes on Fiverr or anywhere else.

    It can be damaging to your Facebook account and can get you banned.

    You are better off paying for some advertising on Facebook to get likes or joining groups and posting regular and interesting topics, reacting on others etc
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