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I'm playing around with up-sells on a bunch of my products.

I'm looking for some good strategies on how to pitch and present them.

Not a huge fan of putting them in the user's cart ect...

Any ideas or suggestions on way how to position/present them?
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    If you're trying to offer upsells after someone subscribes to your list, you can always send them to an OTO offer before they get to where they were trying to go (ex: freebie download page). Or, after they sign up to your list, send them directly to the download page, and in your first follow up message in your autoresponder you can introduce the offer there.
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    If your selling them something and have something related after they buy they should be directed to that page. Offer alot and if they say no I will pass I just want my downloads then do the same offer with a little less in it for less money or what we call a downsell.

    I used to be against more than one upsell, now I never do less than two upsells and one downsell and I usually go for broke with three upsells and two downsells.

    I always have one more product that will benefit them I will use later after that list is built, the beauty of that is your not sharing commissions on it cause your sending out the offer yourself.
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    I always just do a video.

    Show them exactly what you have to offer them and how it's going to make what they just purchased infinitely more powerful. If it's not going to make the front end product more powerful then it's probably not a great upsell.

    When someone buys your product they have just told you they are very interested in what that product does for them. So if you can then offer them something additional that will make using that product even faster/easier, it's a no brainer for them.
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    What tends to work best?

    2 Upsells Before.


    1 Upsell Before then 1 Upsell After.

    I'll split test both, just looking for a starting point.

    Thanks for all the tips everyone!
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