Should I buy a domain and host?

by Recter
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I want to put my blog on a host where I can use google adsense and other means to generate money and traffic. The thing is, it will cose like $36/year for the host, and a few dollars for the domain. I know this is very little money, but is it worth it? I have no income, and about $150 in total. I still go to school, but am looking to make a bit of extra cash somehow. In the first year, should I be able to get at least $40 or so dollars from google adsense, and possibly affiliating, etc? I just don't want to be wasting any money.

Here is my blog so far; Daniel's Blog
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    You only need to make 11 cents a day to get your $40 back. It would be hard to make so little. Worst case that's all you do, best case .. sky is the limit
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      Hey Bud!

      I've seen your Blog and dude! It's pretty sleek and cool Though you may want to reconsider your plans for making money online. When I first started out, I thought like you (Along with thousands of other people). Make Website > Adsense > Daily post > Money. However this won't work out if you website doesn't rank on google. There are plenty of options out there. Obviously I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. You should just reconsider

      Caleb Prince

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Running a website on your own domain and hosting is the way to go! You have better control over the functionality of the site. The site looks good though!
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    Thanks guys! The main issue I'm having is problems with the free host.

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /home/a5987189/public_html/wp-admin/includes/update.php on line 16

    I think if I bought a domain and hosting, then the issues would go away. I can get a friend to buy it for me and I'd pay him irl, but I thought I'd be better off asking here before I went through with it. I have no experience in internet marketing, but I hope to learn it so when I go to University, I'll have a small income (maybe $10/week), but would it be worth my time?
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    Your website looks top class to me. I've seen some pretty cheap hosts around, but yeah it will be around $40 a year at the cheapest I think. This is really no big deal. If you get a part time job, you only have to work less than 1 day in the whole year to pay that off. Your bigger problem might be finding a decent domain name... looks like is taken. But yeah if you want to sell the site later, "danielsblog" might not be the best name.. maybe something more generic about the topic of your blog? Good luck with it.
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    Thanks. This host is free, but it will no longer allow me to access the administration panel, and therefore I can no longer update it with posts. I'll need to buy a host and domain very soon so I can continue with it. :]
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    So now you see the disadvatage of free host.

    Free host will be limitted your CPU & Memory usage to a very minimal one. You are using Wordpress with only a few plugins and some automatic update functions, your site will easily be crashed with memory or cpu limitation.

    This will also happen in paid hosting, too if you're using too much of those limitation. Yet, it's rarely happened in reputable web hosts.

    Therefore, generally, the issue will be vanished if you moved to paid hosting in your case.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    I guess I always knew there were disadvantages of a free host - obviously, I just thought they would support something like this, allowing me to make some blog posts before I paid for a host/domain.
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    If you're shopping for domains, you can buy GoDaddy domains through eBates. They have coupons that get you domains for $1-3. They also give you a percentage of cash back. Or you can try NameCheap and get a domain for a few bucks as well.
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    The difficult part -- finding a decent domain which hasn't been taken.
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      Daniel great start mate. here is a suggestion if you want to get started with IM.

      Okay So a website of your own is the best options for a host of reasons but you have options for getting started online without a website.

      Here is what I would suggest in your case.

      Go look on in the WSO section of WF for a product you like and contact the creator and see if they have an affiliate option. If you cant find one have a look on clickbank or any other affiliate sites you may know.

      Then create a facebook page for the product and build sales through the facebook page and any other social media page you have. Dont forget squidoo, youtube, hubpages as well.

      Once you have enough money from this action then create yourself your own site.

      Good luck and if you need help send me a message

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    Well my blog will be my site for starters, and once that is up and running on a server, I might go back to designing my own website, where I might sell something, or I'll just make another wordpress website to save time. I'll probably go with the domain, and see where that can get me.

    Thanks for the tips. :]
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    Aside getting the domain and hosting, there are certain things you need to put in place to truly make money off adsense like choosing the right niche, keywords, knowing your CPC, having a high converting site and more.
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    I guess my niche would be anything online related. Given the time I spend behind the computer, surely I know enough to blog about, right? I'll have to look into the other things you have suggested as I'm clueless about them.
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      Hi Daniel, just in case you didn't know: make sure that you register your domain-name and host your site in two different places:
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          You should definitely buy a domain name and a hosting account. Leave and to teenagers blogging about their lives and Justin Bieber. Haha... If you're serious with blogging, then go the self-published route, with your own domain name and website that you have 100% control over.

          No money? Do some writing or any odd jobs to earn some small cash. Make no excuses, man. You want to succeed, you better pay the price.
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