What are some great tools/plugins/software you use for IM?

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Hey everyone. Sorry if this thread is a repost. Just curious what are some tools/plugins/software you guys are using for IM in general? (Not Domain, Hosting, AR)

Can be anything (Listbuilding, Traffic Gen). Just your favourites I'll start first.

Crazyegg (Heatmap tool)
OptimizePress (LP/SP tool)
CPV Lab (Tracking tool)

Whose next?
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    Optimize Press for websites/squeeze pages
    Pretty Link for link cloaking/tracking
    AdThis Bar for social sharing

    Will have to check out Crazyegg!
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    - OptimizePress
    - Pretty Link
    - Squeeze Bar
    - Cloudflood share to get button.
    - Clixtrac

    Those that I can think of right now.
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    & my AR which will not be named!
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      Along the same lines, can anyone name a few good web ranking tools or toolbars for monitoring PageRank, Alexa rank, unique page views or anything similar?
      I'm busy building a new promotional campaign for a few blogs and i really want to do it right this time and to keep track of everything.
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    Profits theme
    Optimize press (I have both and don't look at me that way, alot of people do lol)
    emember pro
    don't leave this page
    I use virtual sales pages from the wso section
    and ecover designer, they have saved me so much money.
    I use getresponse My second most valuable asset. The frist is my subscribers.
    I love keyword canine, simple and easy to use.
    Long tail pro
    google adwords tool
    Wordpress (lets not forget the king)
    I could go on all day but I won't and now I know I love my software, I thought it was only a fad.
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