Alejandro Reye's SuccessFool.TV LIVE in 5 Minutes...

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Hey guys,

I've checked out a few shows from Alejandro Reyes,
the "Social Networking Guru" or is it "Social Marketing" expert?

I sometimes get those two confused. :p

For any of you that haven't caught one of his shows, they are really something special.

He has interviewed some pretty major players and "big name" entrepreneurs and always gets into some

inspirational interaction with viewers as well as somehow finds a way

to really "bring out" the little secrets from these guys.

Watching him in action promises something that can be adapted to your marketing arsenal and I've always picked up something cool from his shows.

Anyway, if you haven't been to one of his television shows yet,

then it's a good idea to set up a free "twitter" account real quick because

at the end of every show everyone exchanges their "twitters"
= (twitter addresses).

I've invited a couple of friends to some shows before and they always end up coming back to the next one.

This time Alejandro said it was cool for me to give warriors the head's up too.

If you'd like to see it in action, it should be live by the time I finish making this post. Has five minutes really flown by already?

Anyway, bring a notepad and pen and get ready to "mix it up" with some cool peeps= outstanding inviduals.

Hope to see ya there.


PS. Here's the link to the live show

It's live right now.
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