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Hello guys,

I have been studying and trying all sorts of things for few weeks, but I am unable have a clear vision on this target marketing thing.

I opened a site that is for dating also friend making with Asian females and males specifically Koreans.

My problem is I can get local people join my site but can't just figure out how to make foreign members or traffic from overseas. I get about 9 local sign ups per 1 foreign member. I tried blogging, youtube, facebook, replying knowledge sites, and all kind of things for specific keywords. All in English text.

Aside from google SEO work, what would be the possible way to have foreigners register my site?

For SEO work, i built 400 blinks 600 sbook marking and going to do article submission for press releases.
Google seo takes tooooo much time so aside from this slow result what would be the way?

What i mean by foreign member is any person that is not originally from Korea.

For local marketing i can produce 50-100 sign ups on daily basis like magic but I have no expertise when it comes to foreign marketing and it seems that the work or system is quite different. I stopped this for now as i cant fill my site with local people only.

I do not care about gender of such foreign members... Well i prefer males from north america and europe. I am not interested in buying traffic since i figured it is not cost effective. You can pm me if you think it shouldn't be publitized...

Btw my site is k o rluv dot com without space
I dont want to get noticed by google so i put url like that.
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    Originally Posted by mikedcarroll View Post

    Have you tried joining Naver, Daum, Chosun, etc? Those are good places to start. Try picking up Korean as well. You can PM me, I know some Korean (even though I am a white American).

    I think you didn't read what I wrote. I need foreign members you can only get local traffic from these sites.... been there done that. I am Korean btw.
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    Try pof and target men.
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      Originally Posted by Victor Edson View Post

      Try pof and target men.
      what are POF and Target...

      can you be more specific sir..
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        pof = plenty of fish (Google it)

        target = look for the men on the site and invite them
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          Originally Posted by BamIPD View Post

          pof = plenty of fish (Google it)

          target = look for the men on the site and invite them
          I know plenty of fish. I didn't know why you would write that.
          this is one of things that is not cost effective.

          for target... this is what i have been doing but not successful for getting foreign members.

          I wrote in detail. Ok u don't wanna read what I wrote, then don't reply...
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            Hey man I'm just clarifying what he meant, but you shouldn't get so aggravated by a response.

            I just re-read your post and I don't really see anything in there that you were targeting people on other sites like POF.
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