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Ripped out of the internet marketing and services arena, my life went to utter crap at the end of last year all the way to the point where I didn't have a place to live with my son and daughter. My offline life crumbled. My daughter stayed sick continuously, and I couldn't cope. I crumbled.

I slowly got back on my feet, lived with my parents in a tin can making $80 a month, all of it going to my children.

This is my little short story of what I did to get back where I am right now, 8 months later.

Its taken me 8 months of hard work, going online once in a while with a usb flash memory stick at a local cyber cafe, grabbing things to read at night. My current work is not original by any means, and if you have seen it, which you may have, you probably would not have seen it as out of the ordinary, or even how effective it is.

First things first, a canadian publisher is now my main client, everything I do is for their authors, and I don't have to go looking for money anymore. But it was by sheer dumb luck, not by great skill that I got that.

I am focusing on gaining other publishers, now that my services are becoming a bit bigger, and I have metrics to prove how effective it is.

What I did...

I wrote a book for amazon, a short story about a fictional planet and good vs bad kids and their adventures. Kind of like harry potter but my story is still pretty unknown especially since I didn't do anything for it and it has a crappy cover. But it still sold a few a month. I wanted to promote books on amazon, since everything else is pretty tired like video game amazon sites littering the internet.

I started with blogging, the only free thing I could think of at first, with reviews of books. Of course, I couldn't afford them so I used other people's reviews and made them my own unique reviews. I added pictures, and then wanted to add video.

Which I couldn't find of course.It's not like there were trailers for books... but what if there were?

What makes a person go see a movie?

The actors?
The trailer and story?
What others said about the movie, like critics?

What makes a person read a book?

The writer?
The story?
What others said about it in GoodReads?

So I took that idea and hit powerpoint. I created my first "Book Trailers".

They sucked, but they got views.

Then I realized that I didn't know anything about video or youtube really.
I started studying at work (I was cleaning houses and doing hand).
I started drawing and creating my characters, developing my ability to tell the whole "meat" of a story in video form, like a regular movie trailer.

My first really good trailer was developed in illustrator and after affects. It was for "Under the dome", by Stephen King.

It got a lot of views, it made a few sales, and I figured that I could track the metrics in both youtube and amazon.

Then I figured out (you must understand I was youtube/amazon retarded) that you can use both amazon and youtube as a social media platform.

So I started putting up a few more videos, excellent quality taking me at least 3 weeks of non stop work to create, and then commenting on comments, getting subscribers and then talking to them, and then using other social media to gather avid book readers to come and watch my shows.

As good as I am doing, I am still not at the top of my game, I haven't begun to peak.

I can definitely develop awesome videos, with great voice overs provided by fiverr (cheap because the videos are all about 45 seconds to 1 minute).

But I haven't broken the ice in using amazon and youtube yet. I just scratched the surface.

I was contacted by an author that I did a video for by proxy. I wanted to promote one of the books, and they sent me a message thanking me for a great job, and if I could do one for another darker book.

His publisher contacted me next. They hired me to do a different authors "Book trailer" and have more on the way.

So in the end, I am hoping to start a much better income developing $150 1 minute trailers for books.

This does sell books by the way, if you are selling a book on amazon, I suggest you use a real quality trailer for the book, develop a youtube channel specifically for your books, and then use that as one of your platforms to get people to purchase the books through your own links.

As I said, I am just beginning here, but I had to tell someone.
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    Wow this is brilliant. I've never been a big reader and that's because I never knew how to pick books. I'm a huge fan of checking out new music and movies though because that's easy. Way to go!
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    Thank you for your encouragement. I know I have a long way to go, I am not a hollywood studio, and I don't have a team, but I have plans for both. haha.

    Once I get much more experience, I am probably going to turn it into a service. There is so much potential.

    I would feel worse if I never try at all, than if I do my best and fail.

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    What software do you use to make the videos? Do you use stock video footage? Where do you get your video clips from?
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    I am getting the permission to show two of them today. I will put a private screening on a site for everyone.

    I use Photoshop (or illustrator, though photoshop is easier, illustrator is way better) to create the characters I either draw by hand, or I will use a sketch action to turn any object into a line drawing and then manipulate and color it myself.

    I use fiverr for voice over (if needed).

    I use audio jungle for audio (free stuff so far).

    I use After effects CS4 (can't afford the new one with cool effects yet, though I used the trial for a month and it was excellent, well worth the moola) to put it all together.

    I am waiting for a reply, then I will put the videos up in a screening spot.

    I would feel worse if I never try at all, than if I do my best and fail.

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    I Wasn't able to get permission. I hate it when a company says they will get back to you within 48 hours and then sends you an email 5 business days later. I am just making a new one from scratch to show how they look.

    I would feel worse if I never try at all, than if I do my best and fail.

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