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While I was doing some research I found a technique used by some of the affiliates. using keyword rich page (junk content) with lot of aff links to a product, the search engine listing these pages as pdf but ultimately they will be redirected to some affiliated product. I wonder how these pages get thru to top the list even after lots of updates.

Do these marketers upload this pdf (with aff links), get indexed and then iframe the links??

Just search for any CB product+author+review or pdf'll get a whole list of webpages like !#$$%-!@#$ ultimately redirecting you to affiliate hop links
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    Not sure how it's done but do know it's not something I would bother doing myself. Things like that are never going to last. Better off spending your time creating web assets that will stand the test of time... and Google.
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    I would keep away, no point doing hard for work for short term gains.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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    The PDF file is most likely not related to the product and is just copied amongst the website with a different name, once they get indexed they simply redirect the link from google straight to their affiliate link.

    Try and visit the link directly instead of from Google, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Linking the results from Google to your affiliate link while if visited directly it will provide the actual link (PDF in this case)

    If that's not happening here it's a simple Htaccess redirect.

    Redirect to a Different URL using .htaccess:*Web Site Maintenance:*Tools and Guides:*IU Webmaster:*Indiana University

    You can do this yourself with just about any page you have indexed in Google, but like others have said it's short term and thus you can see they use simple .info domains and probably spam the hell of out it.

    Pump and dump.

    No harm in giving it a try and find out if its worth the cash but keep in mind that these guys have a good army of spam bots/back links to push them to the first page of Google.

    It's actually quit clever since ebooks probably rank well and get a ton of clicks even if your not on the first 5 spots because people actually think it's the product they are getting.

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