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So many people ask about how to build a list and every time I see people respond with normative answers like; build a squeeze page, get an autoresponder, yada yada yada....

Occasionally, I see people who give out valuable information about the proper way to build a list but in fractions.

One of the information that I still remember is that your list should be divided into several segments: the freebie list, the buyers list and (sometimes) the affiliate list.

Back when I was starting out, I had no idea about how the heck should do that segmenting. I knew how to get freebie seekers, but what the heck should I do to segment the other types of lists?

Only after taking action and by analyzing how the other internet marketers structure their businesses, I finally managed to develop a concept and method.

What I found in my journey is that you need to build a basic base of freebie seekers, upgrade them into your affiliates and you will finally be able to grow the much awaited buyers list.

Here is a breakdown of what I do to develop and segment my list:

Phase-1: get freebie seekers. Thousands of them. Use solo ads to get freebie subscribers fast. These people who subscribe could be anyone. They could be a complete noob, intermediate marketer or even a seasoned veteran who just sign up to your list to see what you have to offer and then laugh at you and leave you. Doesn't matter. Some will stick, some don't. Build relationship with them. Be sincere in teaching your methods and even if you are promoting affiliate products, don't do it to often and bombard them. Promote affordable products ranging from $7 to $37 to this list if you need to make money out of them.

Phase-2: now you need to make your own product and build a special affiliate page. I use JVzoo to manage affiliate programs for my products. Very easy to do. Once you product is set up, you need to build an affiliate page with an opt-in form for affiliates to register! This is a crucial step that I learn from analyzing top internet marketers' affiliate pages. Unlike in the old times, there were more and more vendors provide only opt-in form for affiliates to sign up before they can access their tools. This is how, apparently, they build their affiliate list! The next question in your mind must be; but I don't have a product, how can I set up one? The answers are; you can start making one, outsource it to somebody or buy products with PLR and MRR rights. One last step in setting up your sales funnel here is to use a download page in which your customers must register their email so that the download link to your product can be sent directly to them.

Phase-3: okay, now that you have your product page and your affiliate sign up page ready, time to broadcast email your freebie list and offer them a chance to become your affiliates! Some will sign up, some don't. That is just how it works. But for those who do sign up, you can at least know that they are action takers. Hey, they sign up, it's an action right? Now you are building your affiliate list. For this list, offer them products and tools that have higher price range than for the freebie list. You can even offer them recurring services like autoresponder, hosting, etc. The main point is that you have to have a mindset that you are helping them to succeed as your affiliate by providing them information on what they should purchase to build their business.

Phase-4: some affiliates will flop, some will be able to sell your products occasionally, some will be so good you pay them huge commissions per month. This is, again, natural selection. The action takers will survive while the doubters flop. For those who manage to sell your products, they are literally building your buyers list for you as well! Remember in phase-2 I told you it was important for you to set up your product page containing an opt-in form to register your buyers? This is how you get your buyers list and for this type of list, they are the most valuable as they have bought from you and although the quantity of this list tend to be far below the freebie list, the quality is a lot higher.

take action of this list development method and start developing your list the right way.
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