want to invest 10000$ online suggest me some good biz.

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hi i want to invest 10000$ online suggest me some good biz.
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    Diversify: don't put all that money into just one project. Read through this forum, and pick up on some good projects. Build yourself a portfolio of projects that you invest in regularly. There's no one off payment you can make to make money on the internet. Consistent work and investment is what counts.
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      I recommend you invest some time first,
      into learning about:
      • list building, and email marketing,
      • squeeze pages and sales funnels,
      • using an autoresponder,
      • paid traffic,
      • and possibly outsourcing.
      Then build or outsource a sales funnel that is integrated with an autoresponder,
      then invest some of your cash to buy some traffic and test your funnel..

      If it shows you a profit then you can continue, while tweaking your funnel further, to squeeze out maximum profits..

      If it shows a loss, then go back to the drawing board, and examine your message to your market make changes until you show a profit..
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    Coaching is a good idea if you're looking to learn quickly and profit faster.

    IM can be a challenge, and many people struggle with it for several years before learning how to bring it all together and be successful online.
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    If not you can also provide a service like SEO service, there a demand. Try white label SEO service.
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    First of all you need to gain more an more knowledge about IM, different niches and find which one is of more interest to you. Once you find niche which is of interest to you, then research that niche more deeply and see if you can invest there at your own or probably to have a coach in that niche. Good Luck
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    You could buy some existing websites that are up for sale and build an income from them.

    Do some research to locate money-making niches and then check website auction sites for "ready to go" businesses.
    Generating Bigger Better Tee Profits Is Easy!

    Pinter Power - Discover How To Drive Hordes Of Traffic To Your Websites!

    10 Tips To Pinterest Success - FREE Report
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    I don't agree with the answers above, the guys said he wants to invest 10K online and you are telling him things about IM, lol.

    With this money you can possibly build a software/web app that will solve something and then charge a monthly subscription. An specefic industry that does very well in paid web apps is eCommerce.

    You could hire people to write eBooks for you on weird topics and sell them through Amazon or Kindle, with 10K you could possibly afford 30 books which includes their marketing.

    You could build an industry specific wordpress theme and then sell it here or Themeforest.

    You could build a drop shipping eCommerce platform for products in your favorite industry for about 2K and then invest 8K by hiring Internet Marketers to rank your site.

    I've got at the very very minimum 100 more ideas, but those are for me
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    Many differing answers, some have merit, seeking knowledge and research of course is key!
    I see not one mention of the mobile space which has got to be the hottest market on the planet right now...I could be biased of course..
    The best I can tell you is spend your money wisely, research, research and then some more research. Look for sustainable business models and stay on the legit side of life..
    Good Luck

    Calum Nairn,
    Account Manager at mobiletization.com

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    your major chunk of money should go on research and development.
    find out what pepole want and are ready to pay for.....
    find someone who can make you a product to tend to the above
    you will have to spend minimum on affilates or ppc or any sort of marketing... people are gonna come looking themselves
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    If I had money to invest I would buy a site with one third, invest in growing the site with another third and save the last third for backup.
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    Don't spend money until you have investigated your options. People here have offered their opinions and there are LOTS of things you can do with that money.
    Wasting it is one thing that's easy to do if you listen and do what everyone suggests.
    Make a decision about what you want to do and then invest only what you need to.
    Just because you have money, it doesn't mean you MUST spend it.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Make it out to hustlinsmoke and I will do you right man.
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    ignore your PM's for awhile
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      Wait answer mine first :-)
      Originally Posted by Rbtmarshall View Post

      ignore your PM's for awhile
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    If you invest in me with the $10k I can write a WSO for you on how to make $10k and sell it on here. I'll give you 100% of the WSO profits.
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    Hahahahahahahahaha! hahahahahahahahah! hahahahahahahahah!

    Your in Luck! I have a training program and it costs exactly 10 grand!

    or you could go to lendingclub.com (no affiliation) and lend somebody some money with interest..
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  • Spend some of dollars on learning about marketing, social networks and about how the things work on internet. Or simply buy a ready made website with good traffic, there are lots of people selling their website with traffic. You can also invest this in share market and make it double. Or simply buy adwords, youtube ad credits and promote your website. You can earn very good amount with it. Best of luck!
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    Word of advice from a guy whose been burned before....

    1. Avoid Courses. There is NOTHING THERE you cannot learn the gist of from free websites or forums

    2. Feel comfortable with your risk level.... affiliate or adsense schemes can take months or even YEARS to recoup your investment.... assuming the companies your promoting for don't go bust or adsense finds an excuse to ban your account before payout (happens more frequent than most people care to admit)

    and if you haven't lost your mind yet, check my PM

    Superior SEO , Expert SEO Services, seo experts

    "On Every Call a Sale is Made.... Either you Sell them, or they Sell you on why they can't Buy"
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    First of all you have to learn Basic SEO and choose categories which are very popular.
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    Build an authority website and build a huge list. You can then make huge amounts of money inshallah.
    Get Hundreds of Super Targeted Traffic in Any Niche from Facebook - 3 Step Organic FB Marketing

    25 Guidelines For Massive Affiliate Success - Whether you are a beginner or an expert, read these principles and refer back to them many times
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    A good biz? Pick one, doesn't matter which money-making opportunity you choose... it all depends on your marketing.

    I would start small with a squeeze page and test the responsiveness of the niche. See if they will bite for a free offer, and if you get alot of them to "bite", up your advertising budget in this ad spot, and find more like it. Don't waste the whole $10,000 at one time. Alot of people who are new to direct mail marketing tend to make this mistake when buying mailing lists from the SRDS.
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    There are many different models on the internet. The first thing that I will do is to decide on the main model that I will be focusing on.

    For me personally, I will set aside the majority of the budget for traffic generation activities especially on paid traffic. Of course when first starting, the conversion will not be good because it is in the testing phase.

    But if you keep tweaking and testing along the way, it will come a time when the conversion will be good. If you ask me which model I will be using with that budget, I will choose the list building model
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    (that was my post. I have to type more though )
    Forbes-Listed: "Ten Consultants Who Avoid the Bullsh*t"
    American Business Awards: Named one of their "Marketers of the Year"
    Plus: A Bunch of Other Awards and Media Placements

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    Study what it is you want to do in online marketing first, then you can decide which way to go.
    The first thing I would suggest is get yourself a mentor, but do your due diligence first, there are plenty of sharks in this pool, so be warned.
    You can then make an informed decision on your finding, but keep your money in your pocket for now.

    Hope this helps


    [B]If you are looking to turn your ebook into an Amazon bestseller,then visit http://babystepspublishinglimited.com,and let me help you

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    Originally Posted by zohaibsherkhan View Post

    hi i want to invest 10000$ online suggest me some good biz.
    Sorry but your post doesnt sound very sincere especially if you want to invest $10,000.

    If you want to invest $10,000 then consider crowd funding and invest in a startup. Here is a good place to start for more info: https://www.ourcrowd.com/
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    If you got money to invest then Hiring a Mentor is a good starting point...

    I would learn all you can about List Building, Squeeze Pages, Sales Funnels, Product Creation, Outsourcing...

    That's how all the 6-7 figure Marketers make their income and if done right It can become your full time Income as well
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    Get 2% to 8% per week from your Investments!Trusted Company!add me on skype: avvglobalromltd
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    it's funny to see how people are promoting their own services here.

    my suggestion :
    create some software/wp plugin/theme, and sell it as WSO. building your list. rinse and repeat, with another product.

    Send Me PM For Details, Limited Offer!

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  • If I were you, with $10k to spend, I would probably do these:

    1. Watch-out for expired domains (these are domains where their owners forgot to re-register them when they expired or dropped their domains) that have high traffic or lots of backlinks or both and register them to benefit from their existing traffic and backlinks.
    (You would probably get fedup manually searching for high backlinked expired domains and so best to signup to some services or buy an automation tool. I can build one myself if only I can find a source where to scrape the expired domains list without them crying I infringed on their copyright. Afterwards, I can program the tool to search on the searchengines for backlinks checking and get the tool to only make lists of those that have enough baclinks based on your given number).

    2. Register long-tail domain names since long-tail keywords are the big buzz nowadays. People typing the long-tail keywords in Google are likely to see my domain names ranked on the top of their search result pages (SERPs).
    (Shall I build a tool that will do long-tail keywords domain name searches and only list those that are available ? Do you reckon people would use it like hot cakes ? If not, no good wasting my time building one).

    3. Get built a software based around a good internet marketing idea that does not exist in the market or has very less competition and is selling like hot cakes and then sell copies of the software. Also, checkout what popular softwares lack what features their customers are crying-out for but falling on deaf ears and then revolve my software around those features and snatch their unsatisfied customers.
    (If anyone has any big ideas then you are welcome to publicly mention about your internet marketing software or automation tool here publicly and I'll see if I find any interest and check if I have the capacity to build it or not).


    Check my Username! What does it say ? Check out my other posts and you'll probably agree the Username fits me well. :)
    And, don't forget to subscribe to my threads. After-all, they're meant to help you find new ideas, customers and leads.

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    if i were you , i would invest thise 1000$ like this :
    1. Buy hosting + domaine name - 100$ / year
    2. Hire a good php programmer , and tell them my marketing ideas 400$
    3. Invest the other 500$ in advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising
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