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I was thinking about all the people complaining about WSO'S

Now look at it this way, don't buy the product because of the title or promises, buy it to learn something new. If you don't get anything new out of it then get that refund.

I do not buy them cause I think they will make me 4,000 bucks in a couple of days, I know thats not going to happen probably. I buy them to see what I'm missing and to help me.

I have the ginsu knives, they don't do everything the ad claims but I get good use out of them.

I can not complain about maketers any longer, advertising has evolved into over inflated promises.

What I can do though is try to utilize what I can find in the programs to help me better market for myself.

If you can get one thing out of a wso to help you then you can make more money and the wso works. At the price of the wso's its worth it to me.

Mods this is about making money. and is a statement based on my previous bias belief of wso's. It is a formal statement telling people that I was wrong and that never happens lol.
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    100% totally agreed what the op posted.
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    Education is important, but it's your wisdom that determines what you'll do with your new found education.
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    If someone makes $5,000 per month using a technique, and then gives you step by step instructions as to how they do it, that is not over inflating promises if you fail to replicate.

    A fact is a fact. That person makes $5,000 per month doing what they taught you. They never said you would get there in 7 days. Perhaps it took them 8 days, but you only put 7 into it.

    You should only expect a refund if the product does not deliver on the promise, not because you were too lazy to do what it instructed you to do.

    Of course I am using the proverbial "you" the parlance of our times...
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    I've only bought a handful. I've never used them as intended, but I've learned from all of them. What I learned was worth the price.
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    I agree with this as well. I'm to the point now where I don't really expect to learn anything that's too new to me when I purchase WSO's. If I do discover something new, that's great and I consider my purchase justified by getting that one bit of helpful info that I didn't know before.

    There's always something new to discover, I don't know everything. Plus, I also like to buy WSO's for more than just the content of the WSO, but also to learn from the way the seller has their sales funnel set up.

    A lot of the time that's where I find the real value in purchasing the WSO. I've learned that sales funnels are important and extremely effective in the sales process as far as generating more EPC. So if I see something new within a sales funnel that seems to be effective, my purchase is justified, too.

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    Too bad I have to wait 60 seconds in between reporting SPAM posts... I guess I'll give up trying to improve this place.
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    Keep in mind that many people just buy and buy different methods. At the end they end up doing nothing with a lot of information. This comes from my own experience.
    Now i only products related to what im doing.
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