What can you say of this site?

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What can you say with this site The IM Stock Exchange do you thinks its legit or not. Its been advertise in paid to click sites.
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    It is too new. I usually avoid new sites, even if that means losing some benefits for early members, but in this case I would even go for it, if I'm interested. 10 bucks is something I can afford to lose (as long as it is 10, and not 10+10+25+150...).
    I say: bookmark and wait. In week or month or whatever check it on Google and then join or not.

    Btw... It really does look like a scam. No physical address, no links, no certifications, only the huge "Buy now" button.
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    I dont trust it. Why not go with a place like jvnotifypro
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    I advertise in a lot of rev shares. TheIMStockExchange seems safer than sites like adzibiz and adhitprofits.
    I am thinking of giving it a shot.
    Skysponder is Live!
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    Why would an established marketer, with multiple launches behind them even want to sell 100 shares@ $50 each? That's $5k. Small fry for a major launch. Anyone that needs to raise that kind of money to do a launch probably doesn't have a viable product. That's my 2c worth.
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    Its new i think you should try another site it doesn't looks legit .
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