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I am finding it very hard to committ to a theme.

I have picked 3 or 4 themes from theme forrest that will do the job very well, but I just wont purchase them and got the job done.

My stumbling block is that, I have plans for the site but, seeing as I have never bought a theme and changed it and set it up myself, I will screw it up or buy the wrong theme that wont let me do certain things I want it too.

I am wanting to do a social networking site, where people can upgrade to better accounts to be able to access more features, like this forum. Can I do that with an WP plug in and how do i set it up?

So much of the unknown is putting me off.
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    If you plan to do multiple websites in the future you may think about purchasing each theme and loading the content and changing the theme to see what looks best for each site.

    That doesn't help if you're only building one site though.

    If only there were a try before you buy option. You could use the demo site and screen capture it and then photoshop your content over to get a better idea. That doesn't help with functionality though.

    Buddypress might help as far as social networking goes. I never tried it.
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    check out s2 member and buddypress... there's some things you need to do and it looks like you haven't considered them yet... those 2 should get your mind going in the right direction.
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  • Don't sweat the small stuff.

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    The most daunting thing is being able to get the theme to look as I want it and to make sure I have the plugings properly installed.

    I suppose the best thing to do is to just do it. Whats the worst that could happen, I waste $50 on a theme and a couple of hours of time.

    But then I can always hire somebody to get the stuff handled at the end of the day.

    if there was only some kind of video that showed how to do it step by step.
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    Sounds like you could use membership plugin - like the free one Victor Edson suggested (S2 member). Just get something set up and going because you can waste months on themes and in the meantime you could have been getting traffic and earning - and then pay someone to do it for you!
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    yeah, I just bought a theme.

    I just got to set it up with the colours and pics and content I want it too, add that s2membership pluging among any others that I reckon I need.

    Then get it live.

    Any other changes will come when I have made enough money from it.

    Thanks guys.
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