Video junkies -- What cam to choose?

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I'm about to take the plunge and get my face out there a bit more from now on. I used to be quite shy about going "public", but I feel that I have come to a point where it is not so much as a challenge anymore as it is a world of opportunities for me to explore.

When it comes to the latest techno gadgets, I must admit I've been out of touch with reality for the past couple years, and now I got no clue what cam would fit my needs best.

I work mostly from my laptop, so something portable is definitely a plus.
Image and audio quality is a must.

So, let's hear about the tools you use, what cam would you guys recommend?

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    I just got the logitech spere for my webcam.. man this is awesome.. tracks your face where ever you move.. pan / tilt / zoom

    can record in HD..

    unfreakingbelievable if you ask me and only $95 off ebay..

    for other video I use my JVC hd video cam

    the sphere is a no brainer..

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    If you can budget it, get yourself a decent HD camera. The current Canon consumer range are hard to beat. If you don't like tape, check out Canon's HF10 or HF100 that record to a flash card and onboard memory.

    I'm a video guy myself, and use a Canon HV20 with a 35mm adapter. Amazing quality! You can check some of my work here - Glenn Thomas On ExposureRoom - Videos
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      For now, I'm looking for a webcam, but eventually I will want to get a real hd one (moving to the Philippines and I know I will want to grab a few living memories there!), so thanks for both recommendations (webcam and hd)

      As for webcams it seems Logitech is the way to go?
      Sphere and Quick 9000 seems to be about the same price and have simiar features.
      Anything I'm missing there, except for the design?

      Glenn, are these neat videos yours?
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        Ahhh, the Philippines, great place I stayed there for a few weeks with a friend's family years ago and would love to go back one day.

        Alexandre, yes all mine. Well, all shot by me, but some my wife did the editing and music.
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