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Hi Everyone, hope your week has been productive.

For those of you who have blogs, do you add photos to your blog posts?

I cannot seem to find a quick and efficient way to do this. I sometimes take longer to look for a stupid photo than to write my article. How do you guys find relevant photos and get them uploaded so quickly? Am I missing out on some sort of plugin? Or am I just being way too picky selecting a photo?

I am not currently including photos because it got too time consuming. Do you think photos even matter?

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    What area are you finding hard?

    If it's wordpress then, I save an image to the harddrive
    Write the post and press Post Media to insert an image where your cursor is
    Click on Upload Files
    Select the image from your harddrive and press Insert Into Post

    If you are having problems with something more specific, like resizing then let us know

    As for your query about if posts are required, it does look better to have them for your readers, definatly

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  • Cpt,

    Yes adding photos and optimizing them can be one of the most time consuming things in blogging. I guess it all depends on where you are looking for images. For example if you are using something like mediawiki then it may take longer to find something useful. On the other hand if you sign up on a stock photo site, you can usually just type in a keyword and find dozens of images related to your content. Then it’s just a matter of downloading them to your machine.

    If you are using Wordpress, you should be able to add images to your site pretty fast as long as they are optimized already (i.e. correct size and shape, etc). Sometimes it just takes practice to get good and fast at it.


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      Hey guys, thanks.

      I have been designing websites since the late '90s so downloading the photos and uploading them to Wordpress is not the issue. I know all about stock sites, etc.

      It's the selection process! Do you guys take a long time to look for photos or do you just log onto a stock photo site, find the first relevant photo you see, and buy it?

      I am sure I am being too picky. It is definitely one of my major shortcomings.
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    Simply choose the first picture that seems to be ideal for your blog post without looking at all the alternatives you have at your disposal.

    You waste time when you find many good pictures or when you cannot find any picture that could be the ideal one.

    Whenever you believe you cannot find the ideal picture, use a picture that is nearer your purpose.

    Whenever you observe that you are wasting time with a certain task, tell yourself: Let’s finish with this matter.

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    To find relevant photos i'll usually search the public domain or use stock photo sites. Then since i use wordpress i simply upload them via their media up-loader or upload them to my server. Then add the image with the <img src="" > tag.
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    Hi cpt,

    I do think that your pictures should serve as a guide for your main article, so the pictures shouldn't take too much focus away from the text/content. Sometimes, the pictures can help to convey the meaning behind what your article is trying to tell, rather than be a literal portrayal of it.

    All the pictures you choose should also form a somewhat coherent theme. Images that are vastly different from each other gives people the impression that they were picked off stock image sites without much thought.

    All the best.


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    Adding images into short blog posts is none important in default unless it's hard to explain some complex information without images. Next, using images inside long contents will be a cause to giving slight relaxation into reader's eye as well as mind while continues reading also. Really, it provides little support to prevent tedious feelings.

    However, whether is it short or long, if you feel that it needs to place a relevant image at here to make a perfect idea about the thing you explain, do it.

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    adding photos to blog can help your visitors stay longer and more interested to visit more often to your blog. so i suggest you should consider placing them to your site.
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