What is the Fastest Way To Get Targeted Traffic Now?!

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So I am starting another service based company for content marketing

I am having the site constructed as we speak and should be done in about 10 day. I want to start getting the domain ranked and traffic coming in so as to hit the ground running as soon as possible

I am creating a power list of ideas my team and I can work on for things I can do now to start bringing in steady, long term streams of traffic, but quickly.

Any ideas help a lot, I really appreciate your time.

Nate Bunger
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      Paid traffic would be the quickest.

      Pay per click adverts, facebook ads, or even purchasing some solo ads in ezine newsletters.

      Long term steady traffic? a blog with articles on might take some time to bring traffic, but i would still consider doing this.

      Also collect email addresses to build a list.
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        Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

        The quickest targeted traffic is to pay for it.
        Originally Posted by Matt Morgan View Post

        Paid traffic would be the quickest.

        Pay per click adverts, facebook ads, or even purchasing some solo ads in ezine newsletters.

        Long term steady traffic? a blog with articles on might take some time to bring traffic, but i would still consider doing this.

        Also collect email addresses to build a list.
        These replies nailed it.

        Paid traffic is the fastest targeted traffic you can get.

        Use that paid traffic to build a list - offer your service to those subscribers.

        Cool thing with paid traffic and list building is that once the list is built you can continue to market your services and related products to those subscribers for as long as they stay subscribed which gives you many opportunities to convert them into a buyer.

        Good luck.

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    You can do targeted forum marketing and youtube marketing for free.

    Forum marketing is basically interacting and providing value while having your sig promote your site.
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      Originally Posted by SandraLarkin View Post

      You can do targeted forum marketing and youtube marketing for free.

      Forum marketing is basically interacting and providing value while having your sig promote your site.
      Forum marketing is not the fastest way to get targeted traffic. This is complete bollocks.

      First of all, forums now do not allow new members post links in their signatures. They only allow those who regularly contribute.

      Even after months of contributions, a forum signature can only bring a fraction of clicks to your page.

      The fastest way to get traffic is by paying for it. PPC or social media advertising or media buys. Pick the one suits your budget.
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    Traffic is what you are when you're driving on busy streets.

    If you want people to visit your website, go to where the PEOPLE are. I could say that it's common sense, but common sense isn't terribly common these days.

    "Failure is feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Fortune Cookie

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    PPC traffic would be the most targeted, and easiest traffic to get off the ground with.

    However if you are experienced enough you could use PPV traffic to send a lot of high quality traffic too.
    The cheap, newbie friendly, and super high quality autoresponder.

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    If you want traffic now there are several options. You can rent a blast to someone's email list, do pay per click or what I like to do some times is rent a tweet.

    You can rent tweets pretty easily and they are usually not too much, $20 to $50 in most cases. You can do that at BuySellAds and its quick and easy.
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      As long as your site is up to scratch, has terms and conditions, contact page and good content then give Adwords a go.

      It has a reputation for being a higher cost PPC lately but easier to convert than social media and Facebook PPC until you have tested your demographics

      Either way, paid traffic is definatly the fastest as the others have said.

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    the fastest way to get traffic is paid traffic like PPC,PPV,Social media buy,etc,you can get lot of targeted traffic in short time
    Now Looking for 6 serious partners only to team up to build $5000/month income In next 90-120 days!
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    Google ad words and social media are the easy way to drive traffic in short time.

    Interested to develop booking and rental website then choose booking software , popular in developing clone script like groupon and airbnb clone

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      I'm still a firm believer in organic traffic, converting better then paid traffic.

      The reason I say this is from experience. I have had organic traffic convert some offers at 1 in 25 or 1 in 50. The same offer with paid traffic can be 1 in 25 to 1 in 300...

      This is also based on the quality of the paid traffic I might be sending. But that is the difference in a nut shell, when it comes to paid traffic, versus organic traffic. Organic traffic is typically higher quality, and better targeted.

      However, you also have to look at volume of traffic, from paid traffic sources. You have to look at the speed in which you can start sending traffic. Better yet, using both in conjunction with one another.

      As far as the forum marketing traffic mentioned... I am not a big proponent of forum marketing. At least in the sense of joining a community, and making posts, to become known as not being a spammer, then posting links here and there.

      That is typically just a long ass process. Unless you have 50 remote VAs your paying to do it.

      You will see some people do this for CPA marketing. CPA payoffs are typically not high enough to make me go through the pain lol. If you can find offers that will convert via a forum, that have a high payout, then your good.

      This is why you see professional email spammers, (I mean real email spammers) targeting offers with a payout of $50 - $1500. Because they know that they only need to make to 5 conversions, out of 3 million emails.

      So if you have an offer after testing, that seems to convert on forums, and you have about 50 forums you can post the offer in... then great. Otherwise, I will skip that.

      So Paid traffic is going to be the fastest way to get targeted traffic. Whether it is semi targeted, like CPV, or better targeted like PPC as in Adwords, or banner space on a niche related site. The fast road will cost you some cash. You will also have to be extremely diligent in tracking conversions.
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    The fastest way would be paid traffic, so google or facebook ads are probably the best way to go.

    If you want to stick to free traffic, social media always works well for me but it does take a lot longer.
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      I agree with everyone else that paid traffic is definitely the fastest.

      Consider a viral video, you could potential hitch a ride on someone elses video.
      Find a video that dosent have a hy6per link a with lots of views and offer the owner to buy the account or rent it.

      Good luck

      Regards James

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    go with facebook ads. Talk about targeting, you can target people by the number of strands of hair they have! Facebook ads are a good place to start, I love it.
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      Originally Posted by ClearSolution View Post

      go with facebook ads. Talk about targeting, you can target people by the number of strands of hair they have! Facebook ads are a good place to start, I love it.
      I agree...

      If you're consistent, I believe you'll see significant increases in your online presence on Facebook. When you don't have to spend any money, you can expect a pretty good ROI!
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    Of course paid traffic I must say. As you are a content marketing service provider, you can offer some of your services to fiverr.com. There, you will get a lot of potential buyers of your service and also you will be able to convert them for bigger projects.
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    There are many free traffic sources but to answer your question specifically, paid traffic such as PPC is the fastest method.
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    The fastest I have ever seen is the minutes after someone with a huge list sends a broadcast to a website.

    Buying a prominent ad spot on a popular website can also bring you insane amounts of traffic.

    Most other things such as SEO and article marketing are slow.

    Publish your digital course at Accomplisher.com. We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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    Solo Ads and Facebook Ads give you targeted traffic almost immediately.
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    The fastest is PPC indeed.. You can look for solo ads sellers on your niche, or do some search engine ppc campaign.
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    I echo what others have said here; PPC is definitely the way to go for fast traffic.
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    Paid seems like the best bet as I'm sure you have a budget to get maximum exposure quickly.
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    Start with Google and FB paid ads and then optimize your website for search engines at the same time.
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    I would say Solo Ads and Facbeook but be carefulto check you comply with all the terms and conditions on facebook because they will shut you down real quick.
    Make $5 every 10 minutes
    non-affiliate site
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    I'ma echo what a lot have already said: The best way to get fast traffic is paid targeted traffic. More specifically Solo ads and banner ads.
    Need More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website? HIRE ME TO SEND IT!!

    My Latest Blog Post: How to Invest $0 Into Your Blog & Still Generate $2k+ Per Month
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    Unless your experience on finding networks and getting conversions I would not expect to do it fast. The getting started traffic fundamentals still exist today such as seo, social networking, creating a newsletter, online givaways.... Everything you do should yes keep seo in mind as much as you can. Myabe find 1 or 2 traffic strategies that you find interesting master them.

    Once you learn how to send a few visitors to your webpages and get the conversions then you can will learn about scaling things up a bit but start off small and do not lose your shirt.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    fast = pay (or barter) 'Joint Venture' partners can give a huge boost if you can find someone with the proper established market who loves you and your product.

    long term = build content consistently

    There's always publicity stunts! Make the news, get tons of traffic.

    Mastermind Groups Platform .. plantdreams.org .. public beta, partners wanted

    a social network w/ Coaching / Projects / Goals / Habits / Crowdfunding / Team Building / Alt.Payments

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    PPC definitely... Google and Facebook. Solo ads - only if you're more experienced at it.
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    There is no faster way to get traffic than setting up a quick PPC campaign. Now, making it profitable is a different question...
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    Try a good press release and write about something will go viral.

    Last week we wrote about medicinal marijuana and our traffic and sales trippled. That piece went viral, and got people angry and talking, and that is exactly what we wanted...my assistant said, hey you cannot pay for this kind of press coverage...and I just laughed.

    We are getting very good at this, and I would say about 2% of people actually know how to write a decent press release and then market that...but if you can do this properly watch your sales and traffic quadruple pretty fast.
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    make some good informative youtube vids directed toward your site. not too hard to get a solid page rank on youtube vids in a couple months increasing the credibility of your site.also press releases are nice... social bookmarking
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    Solo ads all the way for me
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    article marketing
    video marketing
    social marketing
    plr giveaways
    guest blogging
    offline promotion

    Pick a few, stick to em...They all work as long as you put them into action.

    Good luck.
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    for new content/article,bookmarking is the free and good way.Try stumbleupon.It will send hundreds of visitors very quickly.
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    i think the concept of marketing has been changed a lot, for example on facebook, i am using facebook custom audience feature with passionate audience group to target campaigns.

    For IM to test market, small solo ads test is sufficient to test responsiveness. I do provide those to any interested marketers
    Check out my converting solo ads for IM/MMO offers here. 60% subscribers from premium countries.

    Shorten your Facebook Ads process easily up with automation. Click here
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    There are several methods you can use when promoting your site. Some are...

    - Forums
    - Blog commenting
    - Guest posting
    - Writing articles
    - SEO
    - Creating newsletters
    - Social Bookmarking
    - Blogging
    - Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

    The trick is to pick 2 methods you believe you would enjoy doing then stick to only those methods. Once you see results move to to 2 new methods.

    After you have tried every method discard the ones that are not producing results - and focus on the ones that are.

    Also by mastering 1 or 2 paid methods will increase your traffic and income dramatically.
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    it depends if you want artificial traffic or real traffic. If you want real trafic you can try with a mixed facebook-twitter campaign. Also, adwords would be good. If you want artificial traffic, besides paying for it, you can create an rss feed of your site. Put that feed in as many feed directories as you can. Maybe use an rss submitter too. Find suscribers using blogger (or wordpress), Google+,Facebook, Twitter (the most effective). You can connect your rss updates to twitter (using IFTTT.com). Also send an email weekly to your suscribers, maybe using mailchimp.
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    Solo Ads, Solo Ads, Solo Ads from sources who have been around for years and are used by the major IM'ers.
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    Paid traffic is the best way to get targeted traffic like PPC and Solo Ads. Just make sure to set up a landing page to capture the email addresses of these traffic so you promote offers to them over and over again.
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    There is an easy way to get traffic fast ..
    its when you market a product in the
    niche which you target and in the site
    where already there are more people
    visiting it already.. ie place your product
    visible in the pages where already huge
    people are flocking around and you will
    get your pie...
    be the best
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