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Hi guys, I was referred here as *the* place to get expert advice and help for selling an e-book online.

I would like to sell an ebook (health category). I've signed up with e-junkie (used a coupon to give me a 3 month extended trial).

e-junkie mentions two "e-book compilers": ebook gold and ebook maestro. I had never heard of "compilers" before. I just assumed you would convert to pdf and away you go...

so first of all, what are compilers? do I need one? if so, which would you recommend?

Also, which platform is best for this product? I've heard that clickbank is the most popular place for ebook vendors - but the fees are really high.

There is also paydotcom - don't know much about them.

So right now my plan is to try out e-junkie and then after the 3 month trial to either stay with them or to switch to another. But I suppose I can also use another platform like clickbank or paydotcom concurrently.

If there are other threads where this sort of information has already been discussed, then I'd appreciate a link. But I assume that things move so fast online that what was written before may not apply today.

Thank you very much in advance.
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    An ebook compiler is a software program that converts
    either text pages or HTML text into a single
    executable file or an ebook. To answer your question, if you need one you should look at several factors

    1. How did you create your pages? Did you use HTML or
    PDF format? There are many more compilers available
    for HTML, but you can find some very good compilers
    that will covert your PDF files into an ebook.

    2. Consider how easy the program is to use and the
    thoroughness of the software's instruction manual. It
    is absolutely necessary that the compiler you buy have
    an instructional manual, documentation, or online
    "wizards." If it doesn't, your chances of figuring out
    how to correctly use the program are compromised, and
    the time required doing so is going to be significant.
    Many manufacturers of compilers offer a free trial
    version so you can play around with it and see if it
    suits your needs. Download the trial version and
    ascertain that it actually does what it claims to do.

    3. Security features. If you plan to sell your ebook,
    check out the security features of the compiler
    software carefully. Security features should include:
    prevention of the reader from modifying text, access
    only to the pages you assign or by entering a
    password, different ways of generating passwords such
    as secure passwords, user-friendly, and open

    4. Supported scripting. Find out what scripts the
    software supports. Scripting allows you to create
    special effects, customize menus, and create and
    modify other user interactivity. Choose a compiler
    that permits you to include graphics, search windows,
    hyperlinks, forms, surveys, etc.

    5. Pricing. This is a factor that is not always easy
    to gauge. The highest priced compilers are not
    automatically your best choice. Choose your compiler
    based on the necessary requirements for your Ebook.
    That means you need to know exactly how you plan to
    use your Ebook and what functions you require.

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    Please bear in mind that ebook compilers may be incompatible with Macs. So, I would stick with pdfs.

    Hope this helps...
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      You definitely need to go with PDF format... Stay away from ebook compilers as they turn the file into an .exe file which most people hesitate to download and they are not compatible with Macs.

      PDF files are cross platform, meaning anyone can read them.

      Even if you created your pages in HTML format you can still create a PDF out of them. Forget all the special effects, etc... Just get your ebook written and formatted to PDF and your Golden.

      Too many people get hung up on all the stuff that doesn't matter and never get to launching their product...

      Remember "Money follows speed"

      Another BIG mistake a lot of people make (newbies as well as veterans) is they sit down and say to themselves "Okay, I want to write an ebook about (insert subject here)"

      The point is you don't create a product then find a market... You need to find the market and then their biggest problem.

      Not only that, you need to see if that market is actually buying solutions and that there are enough people searching for it.

      Competition is a good thing - it proves that people are actually spending money in that market.

      Now that you have a market that you've researched enough to know that they are spending money for a solution to a problem, you need to investigate your competition and see what they offer.

      Don't get discouraged and think "ah hell someone already did that" instead you should be thankful they did because they proved the market for you...

      This is why I recommend to all newbies they should first start with affiliate marketing in their market to put a finger on the pulse of that market and see how to best infiltrate that market at it's weakest point. In the mean time you'll be learning a lot about how to conduct marketing online and all the in's and out's of this business...

      Mike Hill
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        Hi Ketracel,

        I'm a newbie to selling e-books too, but have worked in tech and online since the late 80's. I'm an internet researcher professionally and would like to transition to my own online biz eventually.

        I'm about to use clickbank as a publisher for the 1st time. I have my account, I have the ebook written -went with a PDF format, now need a sales and thank you page. I also purchased clickmate hoping the flexibility would be better for affiliates.

        I tried ejunkie and like it,the price is great However, there is no easy way to get a list of your purchasers. I'm treating this as a business which is what made me look into clickmate.

        My original thought was to go with a blog, added a sales page and very shortly got bored out of my mind writing with the content, realized it was too similar to what I was doing for a living (hint-know yourself to know what will work for you)

        My Newbie Questions which may also help you:

        1.When I write the sales page and clickbank ad, my main objective is to be as attractive as possible to affiliates. Is there a method for that?

        2. My e-book is on how to find people online using free internet resources. It's a smaller part part of what I do for a living. I want to create a program for affiliates only, to help support them, but not sure if the support needs to be more product geared or how to market? People spend $$$ to those "people finder" type sites that charge up to 39 per search, If I can help someone understand the value of selling a book that shows people how to do it on their own, and can support any questions, I think the book would sell really well---thats not my online strength though. (I was in offline sales for years)

        Sorry this is so wordy, but hoping it will help others. This is my first post --thank you for the fantastic info. I can share the (somewhat abandoned) site that the ebook is currently on, didn't want to seem spammy by just posting it.
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