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U know camtasia creates the HTML

I had 3 questions

1. If i have like 9 videos and i want them all to display on the same page, is that possible? U know 1 underneath the other which people can click to view?

2. I notice some people display their camtasia stuff inside their own flash players, is the a flash player that lets you do that?

3. I see some people use youtube hosting to host their camtasia videos, yet the quality always seems bad and you cant see what they are doing, would you avoid using utube for camtasia videos?

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    yes you can provide multiple videos on the one screen. When you compile just use the use the menu system and it will create a menu on the left for you.

    Camtasia will create the players for you or you can compile in FLV and use a completely separate player of your choice.

    Yep camtasia on youtube is useless and I guess people don't watch their own videos. LOL

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      The way I do it which is proabaly more time consuming is create an Index page with a list of the videos then I create directory in public_html load my video folder into the directory and link to them on the index page I created and upload the index in the same directory

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