Article Marketing v Bum Marketing

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I'm getting confused. What is the difference between the two?

I've been reading too much probably and am having info overload. But the two seem to be the same to me? Or at least very similar. Or perhaps article marketing is basically bum marketing with extras added on.

My mind is blurred at present and I would welcome some clarification.

Many thanks.
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    Bum marketing is getting lots of articles out in a short space of time where as article writing is more about quality rather than quality.
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    You can think of article marketing as a step more than bum marketing. Both involve writing articles, but in bum marketing you submit those articles to high PR article directories. Article marketing is mainly focused on content creation for your website and to build backlinks by submitting to other places.

    Essentially both are same, no need to delve deeper into their differences. The only thing to understand is that both of them work and are a good way to start earning some money without much investment. The investment would be in terms of time and effort and not money unless you want to outsource the writing.
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    Bum marketing is a form of article marketing but article marketing does not necessarily Bum Marketing...

    The main difference is Bum Marketing targets long keyphrases with low competition but enough search queries.
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    Ah, many thanks for your replies. It's getting clearer now.

    I was quite clear in my mind at first, but when you start delving deeper and deeper, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees.
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      Bum marketing is intended for those that have little or no money to invest in their business. it's a way for them to build up some revenue that they can then invest in building their business. In a nutshell, it's about making sales with no upfront investment other than time. the bum marketer doesn't care about anything other than sales.

      Article marketing is more about creating back links to your sites, branding, and establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. It's basically a booster shot for your website.

      My 2 cents.
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        As I see it, Bum Marketing is a subset of article marketing.

        In Bum Marketing, you use a volume of articles targeting (ideally) high-search, low-competition keywords, posted on article directories, for the purpose of driving traffic directly to an affiliate offer.

        As others have mentioned, Bum Marketing is a viable alternative for those without the means to have a website, or without a product of their own to sell.

        "Article marketing" as a whole is using text-based content to achieve a marketing objective. It might be driving traffic to a web page. It might be establishing oneself as an authority or expert in a market. It might be generating buzz for a new product, service or company.

        The articles used may be posted on article directories, blogs (self-owned or otherwise), formatted as news releases and submitted to other media sites, submitted to print publications, and more.
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