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I am going to register a domain name for my internet marketing company and I want to ask your advice on domain names.

Lets call the name of my company: "Company Internet Marketing."

Which of the following would be the best way to register the domain name? By the way, the actual name has about same number of letters as "company."

E) one of the above beginning with www

I believe that top level domains only have lower case letters, thus the capitals would only be used when creating backlinks. So if I am correct, both B and D could not actually be a registered domain name with the capitals - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Please explain your choice so that I can make an informed decision based on the comments.

Two concerns I can see are;
1) people easily remembering or recognizing the name,
2) SEO juice.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out with this, it's greatly appreciated!!
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    Yes, you are right. Capital letters are non-existent in the actual registered domain name. A and B are the same registered name. C and D are the same registered name.

    I personally wouldn't even consider option E - it's too confusing and not necessary.

    The question, in your case, comes down to hyphen or not. In my opinion, I would prefer a name without hyphens if you can get it.

    Therefore, my choice would be A.

    Regardless of what you choose for your domain name, you can still call your company what you want when it is written out. Therefore, in its written form could be Company Internet Marketing.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Just imagine yourself sharing your domain name with someone.

      Oh yes... you can visit my website at:

      Company DASH Internet DASH

      Nuff said...

      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    - There are not capital and small letters. They are count as the same.
    - companyinternetmarketing would probably the best way to have it
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    Certainly option A,

    I wouldn't recommend hyphens in the domain name. Difficult to remember and in case someone miss-typed it in the address bar without hyphen, the visitor will end up on someone else site. Better to avoid hyphens in the domain names.
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    Option A looks better,it gives your visitors clear impression and it looks clean and simple.
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      Def wouldn't use hyphens. You wouldn't look at all professional. Believe hyphens worked for a while with emd's for seo but I don't believe so much now.
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  • Thanks to everybody for all the great advice to my 'domain name registration' question. FYI, I have registered my domain name without using the (-) dashes.

    I believe that it will look more professional, and I can write it as I wish to make it easier to distinguish for creating backlinks.

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    Option a definitely.

    Because of the ease of remembering it and actually typing it remember if the customer can't remember the domain name you've done made your job hard from the start.

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    Not available? Then go back to the drawing board.
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    dont use hyphens in domain name.

    and one question, why do you want to use a internet marketing in domain name? you should strive for EMD ( exact match domain) for some keyword, that will actually help you in traffic, i doubt much people will search for company internet marketing, better one might be company seo or something like that, just a food for thought.
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    I would say go with the first option. Then use in your marketing campaings (it's easier to read that way).
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    Option A >>> is the way to go!

    As was suggested above - you can add your 'Capitals' if adding your Domain Name to a Post or Email.

    I don't use the 'www' but there are some who say it makes a difference - I just think the more user friendly you can make it the better!
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    Try and get your keyword as the prefix. If not, don't sweat about keyword then suffix. (I got the suffix for my company and it's fine. I'd like to buy though one day obviously)
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    Preferably no hyphens in domains. Hyphens are ok in folders and pages/posts, though. For example:
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    As others have said, it makes no difference where you use caps or lower-case in a domain name. They all work the same. The caps are used where you want to display the domain in a more visual way, but it makes no difference how they type it in.
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  • .
    Thanks for all the great replies and advice.

    I would like to CLOSE THIS THREAD FOR COMMENTS because I will not be visiting or replying to it from here.

    See you all in the next thread.

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