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I've been testing GetResponse, and it's working perfectly with various email services, except for Fastmail. When I click submit on my squeeze page, nothing comes to the Fastmail account to confirm my subscription. Tried twice, in case of a typo in the email address, and I've waited 2 hours, but nothing.

Does anyone know if there are problems between Fastmail and GetResponse (or any other A/R for that matter)? I did Google for an answer but didn't find anything useful.
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    Hi Joel,

    I've not heard of anything specific, but you might want to drop our support team a line and ask them as well. They may have some further info.

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    Will do, Jim. Thanks!
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    I would like to know more about this. I was thinking about trying them out.

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      Originally Posted by Alex Mensah View Post

      I would probably contact GR support team they are pretty good when it comes to customer service. You can also use their live chat option.
      That's pretty much what Jim said above. And I have since submitted a ticket and waiting for a response.

      Originally Posted by BizQ View Post

      I would like to know more about this. I was thinking about trying them out.
      I'm still only testing the service, but so far it's looking awesome. There is a bit of a learning curve in getting everything set up, but that may be because I haven't used an autoresponder in about ten years (except for a about a month or so of Aweber about 5 years ago). A/R's have changed a lot since then.

      Someone who has used other A/R's could probably give you a better review of GetResponse, but I have no complaint at this point. I'm quite sure the Fastmail problem is on Fastmail's end, not GetResponse.
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        Update: After a full week of waiting I finally heard back from Fastmail. Since I'm not a paid user of their service, they won't help me, and advised me to seek help in their forums, or Google it. :rolleyes:

        Thing is, I just might become a paid user if they would fix the problem and tell me about it...
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          If a company takes an attitude of "We won't give you support until you buy", my response is always "I won't buy until I know what I'm buying". I would move on. There's plenty of options (almost too many) to haggle with an obviously dysfunctional customer service department. I'm an Aweber guy, soon to be Infusionsoft.
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