How to properly use Backlink Genie

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I am new to the backlink genie, and am trying to figure out how to setup an effective campaign that is not going to raise red flags with google. I have read that the best method of the genie is to only use it on your blogs and other 2.0 sites and not to use it at all on your actual domain name. Does anyone have insight on this? My main blog is that was setup with wordpress, is this safe to use the genie on?

When setting up a campaign with the genie, do I select all the options available to me? First let me note that I am using the $10 per month plan. When using the express plan, do I select all available options such as web 2.0, article directories, manual pr blog comments, social book marks etc. Or do I select only one, im trying figure out the best way to use the genie and cant find much guidance online. Any insight on how to effectively use the genie would be much appreciated. Used properly its supposed to be a very effective tool.
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