I wrote an eBook at 17 (I'm 21 now)

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Ok here's the thing.
At age 17, I was sad, alone and bored. I was really into internet marketing because I wanted money and I had come up with a great idea (that I never put to use). So I began researching ways to market to people, both online and offline.
What astonished me was the lack of information regarding the way people thought when making a purchase.
So instead of going with the idea, I began writing an eBook on that topic.
I spent an entire summer researching and writing it. It was my baby. It was genius, and most of all, it was simple.
But then, after finishing the book, I realized that I had no authority and no connections and figured the eBook would never sell.
Then I forgot about it.
Now at age 21, I came across it, reread it and am amazed that I wrote that at age 17. It has information that you can't find anywhere, really, and delves into the minds of the customers so deep, you'll be able to distinguish which type of customer they are and able to predict if they will buy or not after a couple clicks.
I've shared it with a few business owners I know and they asked to keep a copy for their own reference. I guess it's that good.
I would list some of the chapters, but to protect the product, I will not.

My problem is: I still have no authority, nor experience in this field. It was just passion and interest that lead me to write the book.
However, I feel like I can still make money off of it. But I don't really know how.

I know I wrote a book about it, I still want to ask experienced marketers.
I have a couple questions:
Based on what you know, how much should I price the eBook for? (98 pages).
Who should I market it to?
How should I market it?
Where should I sell it?

I've had ideas such as selling it on Fiverr, or on here, but I want to realized the potential of an eBook the 17 year old me wrote almost 5 years ago.

Thank you.
And thank you for reading this, sorry it's so long.
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    Can't you use the techniques inside the report to sell it?

    I know what you mean about not being an authority, but every authority figure started out some where. If you've got great content, create a sales page for it, and see what it converts at. Getting a few big affiliates on board, and sharing it with the right people can get you sales based off quality content.

    Try getting a big launch going, and make some money with it. You'll never know if you don't try. If it converts like crap.. fix the copy.
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      Have you thought of the Kindle marketplace? There are a lot of marketers here on the forum that can get you going if that interests you.

      Another alternative is to sell your book from a simple web site that you promote with your selling skills.

      Either way, I would begin here:

      Draw up a profile of your perfect customer. Think of the type of person that could get the most benefit from your book. It might be small business owners that sell a product, or it could be eBay sellers, or real estate agents, or who knows . . .

      Next, research where your perfect customers are gathered online. (You will most likely find that they hang out at multiple places.) You are attempting to discover places to find targeted customers who already want/need what you offer.

      Create a simple web site with an offer page, all the book details and your sales letter with a call to action and payment button at the end.

      Market your book in the places where your perfect customers can be found. Check the competition by researching your best keywords. You will soon get an idea of how similar books are priced.

      This is just a quick overview of a couple of directions you might try. Of course, the success of what you have to offer will depend upon how well you implement the details, how well the book is written and targeted to a hungry audience, and many other factors.

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I wouldn't recommend putting that ebook on fiverr, if it is as good as you claim it to be you should create your own email list (plenty of guides on how to do that) and send it through to them that way.

    You could also put it in the ebook section on many other forums including warriorforum's one. The best advice is not to limit yourself to one specific area, try to expand your options to interest people to buy your ebook. And most importantly think akin to the people who need the information that your book gives and use that knowledge to your own advantage.

    Here's an Aweber alternative, the new and upcoming Sendorika

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      Why not record yourself reading the ebook and the you have a set of audios to either give away as a bonus or to sell along with the ebook for a higher price.

      Also you could add the product to clickbank and then find similar products and contact the affiliates promoting said products and ask them if they would like to promote yours.
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    Victor, Steve, and DFT: Thank you for all your wonderful replies.
    So far, the basic suggestion is to create a web page and market it from there.
    Still wondering about the price.
    I was thinking about splitting the chapters into individual web pages and monetizing them that way- with Adsense and affiliate links- however, I feel that this won't make nearly as much and will not allow my content to be distinguished as original, am I right to think so?
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    This video by best-selling author, Tim Ferriss, may be helpful.

    You could create a blog like he did and you could start building a following on there. Refer to your blog in your book.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best,

    YOU are awesome :)

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    It's hard for anyone here to price your product without seeing it. I'm not saying share it with us, but it's something you'll have to determine for yourself.

    The size of it, is easily a 27, 37, 47, 67 dollar price range. Which one convert better for you and affiliates is something you'll have to test once you get it up.

    You may even consider selling it cheaper with an initial launch to build up a buyers list, offer a great deal during the launch and get some testimonials before relaunching it again other places for higher.
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    I'd recommend figuring out how you want to sell it. Like someone suggested, you could sell it as a kindle ebook. It can be good if your ebook has broad appeal, and since you said some business owners have requested a copy it just might.

    Then you build marketing content around that. Blog posts, articles, videos ect on a few of the topics. Capture leads and build a list and build a funnel to your ebook and other products.

    Don't worry so much about authority if your stuff is good people will want it. Besides, those business owners you have a copy to, contact them and ask them to review it. What better authority then the social proof of successful business owners endorsing your book?
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