WebFoundry.Org - Do you think this will make a good sale?

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I have a domain name webfoundry.org I want to develop to a site but have gone real busy so I think I have to pass. This is an expired and aged domain (first seen in 2002 courtesy of Archive.Org) and I think it has other worthy statistics but can't remember those anymore as I found this one at expireddomains.net.

I want your opinions as I may be missing something.
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    It's a name that makes sense is all. Only thing I can tell you is if you make a website out of it, it will be determined by the content not by the name itself. I would not invest in just the name, I can find others similar. If it was webseo.com or webpresence.com I might see it differently.
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    You’ll find many online companies that are happy to assess the value of your domain name. Some offer this service free through an automated "valuation wizard" type approach, others charge a fee for a more customized, personal valuation. Fundamentally, all these appraisal services suffer from the same flaw: domain names are UNIQUE!

    So while there is certainly some merit in looking at the current domain name market and trying to find "parallels" with recent sales, it’s impossible to base the valuation of one domain name on the valuation placed on another, no matter how much some domain name valuation services would have you believe otherwise.

    At the end of the day, a domain name is worth exactly what a buyer is willing to pay for it, no more and no less. You could have what you consider to be the most attractive domain name in the world in your portfolio of names, yet if you don’t succeed in tracking down a potential buyer, and no such buyer presents themselves unbidden, then any discussion on the value of that particular domain is idle, since any value is latent until it is unlocked by a purchaser.

    Of course, you can always generate value in a domain name by developing it into a website (no matter how "bad" the original domain name was). A domain name with a track history as an established site, with incoming links and steady traffic, will usually be worth more than the same site left undeveloped.


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    I love it and I hope someone turns it into a solid web development community.

    The name isn't exactly keyword strong, but has strong branding potential.

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