How did you create your webdesign business?

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I'm wondering how you went about getting clients for your webdesign business?

asking becuase I'm thinking about creating one mobile website design business, I created the domain for the business and made a free mobile site for a hair dresser here in my local town. But this was 6 months ago. Also I had several ads on sitse like gumtree asking for salespeople who would get 50% commission on what they sold - They sold nothing. So it ended up with me just creating this free site 6 months ago. And a combination of several factors like me working full time and when I come home I need to take care of my family. It is easier to explain to my wife that I need to spend 2 hours at the computer when we both knows it makes us money. So thinking that was the reason it stopped last time. Also because no sales people was interested

My goal is to quit my dayjob and focus on this when I get enough stream of of new customers, thinking about 5 clients every week and I quit my dayjob

So I was hoping for inspiring ways to get this going
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    Hey yes for sure you can quit your job, just having the strategic plan to do it.. obviously getting clients for a new business does take long, you need to provide a hook and why they need your services rather than someone else?

    so knowing that see your competition, and find out what they are doing the prices etc... when i first got my first client wasn't easy... but when i provided a hook on to what i do .. in terms of membership business strategic business consultant it was a different ball game! hope that helped

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    Well it seems like your problem right now is that you basically haven't done any work.

    You've posted a few ads on Gumtree looking for sales people. If you want to run a successful web design company you need to spend hours networking with local business owners to find new clients - it won't be way at first but will become easier over time as you start getting more referrals.
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    Web design works fabulously in the offline world.

    You will need to carefully draft you master plan on how to reach
    your target prospects.

    Meanwhile, having a site ranked on Google for your term or buying targeted traffic can augument
    that too. Forums and social media is a good place to look too.

    I'm not a web designer per say but i see many of them getting repeated customers through quality work and also referral.
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    We run a web design and seo business, it can be tough to get started but its worth it, the main thing is to network and get your self out there, we network with local businesses, we run our Facebook page, we made sure we got ranked in Google, contacted local businesses who didn't have websites, ran Google ads etc. You just need to put the work in, Good Luck

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    I agree with digiscot about the networking part. Meeting local business owners who could use your services is perhaps one of the best ways to get business. Local business like to deal with people they can meet and trust. Even if it costs them a little more to get the work done.

    Ranking high on Google for your local keywords is another great way to get the phone ringing. The assumption is that if you can rank high, you can get your customers to rank high.

    Having a nice site implies that you can create a nice site for the clients as well. Have a great site and show some great work on your site.

    First impressions are important. Be genuine and friendly. Don't try to sell people at networking events. Use the events to create strategic alliances, and get referrals from people you meet.

    Good luck my friend. Your dreams can come true.

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