Have Any Experience Youtube Marketing Using Safe Methods & pros/cons buying likes, views, comments

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I practice white hat seo for long term results on personal website, there is a place for black hat as well only if you want to hit and run with making quick money. I am one that thinks long term and observe the rules of google to not get penalized

I am concerned about Buying Likes, Views, Comments Etccc to get my videos to the top of page, since it can possibly do more damage then good and get me penalized with my videos so they will not rank within the 1st three pages at all ...

1) There are some social networks like synnd, tribalpro which can get you social signals to where ever siteyou want but at what price if your success in rankings ...it is short lived and your rankings get then penalized has anyone tried these

2) How does one go about using the youtube community to market themselves, how do you start and where, and what is right way to go about doing this, I want to drive traffic, get likes, views, comments from other members but how do you do this ..

3) Pros/Cons of buying likes, views, comments what are they as I am concerned about short lived ranking results is there a way to do this things safely if so how where it does not involve buying "thousands of likes, views, within 1 day

4) what is your personal experience with buying likes, views, comments for youtube what happened down the road, did you get results if so for how long did you get them, would u do it again
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    I had an account with over 5k subscribers. I bought views on a few videos in an attempt to get better rankings and my account got deleted.

    My guess is because the interaction didn't match the views or something along those lines.

    This was a year and a half ago so the "buying views/likes" technology might have improved but that is my experience.
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      Thanks beatinest..

      Will check this out further, sounds to me like they may do this !
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        I rank videos for local businesses and buy views, likes, comments, etc... all the time and have not had any adverse impact.

        I only do it after I have also purchased video embeds and backlinks to the videos.
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    The jury is still out on this one. Therefore it really depends on how committed you are to the concept of "ethical" marketing.

    I suggest that you avoid purchasing likes, views, shares etc because at the end of the day that destroys the genuine value of these important social signals. It seems unlikely that Google in incapable of recognizing when social signals are genuine, and when they are merely fabricated by automated bots or other similar mechanisms.

    Just focus on creating truly great videos and you won't go far wrong!
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    Proper keyword research, good tags, and a really good description (400+ words, with keywords, etc.) has ranked me on page one almost every time.

    But -

    There definitely is a place for "blackhat" methods. It's a risk... but what the hell in life isnt. What you can do is ensure that your getting a good quality product.

    Read up on view/likes providers and make sure their sound. Drip feed everything and make it look as natural as possible.

    For me, social signals seem to be the most beneficial for ranking YT vids, especially when it comes to google.
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    It is really simple buy the views from Google directly (they are cheap) and you can have 1000s of purchased views that Google considers legit and you wont have to worry about them banning your account down the road. The direct from Google views are so cheap why risk anything else?
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