Newbie: How to work 4 days/month in internet marketing?

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Preword: Not looking for the magical, get instantly rich, without doing anything-button.

Long story short I'm very interested in getting properly started in internet marketing, it's not all that new as I actually have ranked pages in past, sold some website designs, logos and few articles and whatnot. Not to mention I've read many courses (yes actual courses, not BSOs) and books and so on.

Now.. The issue here is that I'm a conscripted marine and I have very limited access to computer or free time in this matter. I usually, but not always have weekends off. I get 2-3 weekends of free time(in form of town pass) which means I have 4-6/days a month for use.

I'm still on service for 6 months and afterwards I plan to devote myself strictly to IM, make a solid plan and treat it as a full time job, no kidding. BUT at my current situation, as a marine my budget is extremely small(we're talking 200$ here. That's like a yearly host, few domains and an autoresponder) and due to my lack of time I'm not sure what I should start doing.

Can't really afford ads, paid traffic at this moment. I don't expect to make much with so little time but few extra dollars a month would be great. Due to my lack of time it seems I can't offer services either(and can't afford to outsource it)

Any suggestions? In theory it could be something that works in week but can wait to be handled at the weekend. I'm thinking setting bulk sites up for capturing leads and hope on SEO on traffic-part. (though outranking stuff won't be easy if my site's semi-active)

Oh and almost forgot my strengths: design, writing and psychology.
Unfortunately not a native English speaker so I'd assume people really wouldn't want to hire me for writing causes.

Appreciate any responses. inb4 yes I am familiar with Warriorforum's search box.

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    I am also new to internet marketing. I am a web developer for 5 years. I am spending 14 hours daily for web development. I want to earn from internet marketing. From where should I start?
    I monetize perfectly each traffic of my WordPress website.....I am using and selling my own plugin
    WP AD GURU from
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    Read the book fourhourworkweek and maybe it can shed some light in getting the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time. But it has somewhat to do with outsourcing.
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    I've actually read it.
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    I would ask you first do you have a smart phone, if so then that is part of the battle. As long as you have access to email.
    Have you thought about a partner, you know network is the best thing you can do in Internet Marketing, Doctors, Lawyers and all walks of life have to take vacations and they could not do it unless they networked.

    I would say when you are online you put your heart and soul into it to make up for lost time. I work full time on the net now and that means full time, over time and double time lol. I would do better to manage my time but still think I would do it all day long anyways.
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    In my opinion it's going to be hard with that low of a budget. If you want to work less you have to outsource more. IM just takes a ton of effort no matter which online business you pick. If you have more of a budget for outsourcing your work you might be able to get away with working a few days a month.

    I'd spend most of that time researching and learning about your next business idea and market.
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    i got the answer.
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    4 days a month with $200?

    Ain't happenin'

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Create an autoresponder series, and curate content when you have the time.

    Set up all your content to post throughout the week, and create your content either in the field during down time on a laptop or quickly when you're at home.

    Get started by creating a marketing plan to promote your list and go for it.

    Don't do it in the IM niche.

    Don't listen to anyone who tells you it would never work. If you want it enough, you can make it happen. You just have to be smart about it and try it out. Most people aren't wildly successful from the beginning, so be prepared to fail a little.

    If your budget is monthly, you can afford to pay someone to do all of your content curation and ultimately traffic generation for you. At that price you'd be looking for a part time VA from an eastern continent who's interested in whichever niche you choose.

    Good Luck, Semper Fi & what not
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  • If you've only got a very limited amount of time in which to work then you need to make sure you satisfy the following two criteria:

    1) You have a proven system upon which to base your work.

    This could be something as simple as writing short Kindle reports that try and upsell to a more expensive info product, or creating eCommerce sites, or anything else in between. Just find a good system and stick to it doggedly. DO NOT jump between different methods until you are established and making decent money.

    2) You are able to work without distraction and in a focused manner.

    If you've got 10 hours a day to work on Internet marketing then you can probably afford to slack off a little bit from time to time. However, procrastination and distraction can kill your success when it comes to Internet marketing with serious time constraints.

    Make sure you dedicate ALL of those 4 days per month to working.
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    Originally Posted by Valter Serdetsnoi View Post

    Oh and almost forgot my strengths: design, writing and psychology.
    Unfortunately not a native English speaker so I'd assume people really wouldn't want to hire me for writing causes.
    You're wrong. Your English is good and people would definitely hire you to write articles at the right price. In fact if it wasn't for your name, I would've thought you were a native English speaker.
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