How to bring in traffic/leads without a website.

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I started learning about internet marketing a week ago,i am currently waiting for my debit card to come in the mail so i can purchase a domain,while I'm waiting i want to start promoting and start monetizing.

Any tips on how to start off internet marketing without a website(while im waiting) and without spamming random people on twitter.

Sorry for asking this kind of question, i know this forum gets blown up with amateur questions like these.

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    You can start connecting with people on social media sites and sharing quality content with them instead of spamming affiliate links...they'll like you more anyway if you aren't spamming affiliate links.

    You can start.creating videos, articles, pdfs and all that and linking to affiliate & cpa links too.
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    I'm a little confused because I remember reading a post from you right in this link saying you are giving advice on internet marketing because your not new to it so are you new to Im or not. Just curious.
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    As Victor said, while waiting for your debit card, you can start connecting with like minded people on Social media.

    Add them to your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. Then when you get a your website -- start sending all these users there.

    Also, a simple but very powerful way to generate traffic to your site is forums. Some people tend to underestimate the value behind forum marketing.

    It is very very effective. People are very targeted and interested in what you have to say and sell. Also if you master it -- it can bring thousands of visitors to your site every month.
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    My personal advise would be to do as much research as you can on whatever subject matter your site is supposed to be about. Next, you need to start creating content in the form of articles, images and possibly videos.

    Once your site is up and indexed by the search engines, you can then worry about monetization methods
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    In Getresponse account, you can create an opt in form and they will give you a url which you can use to drive the traffic to. You can sign up for a free account first and start driving the traffic to the url. Once you have th debit card already, you can then upgrade the account.
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    I guess you could use a video with a number underneath but the question would be why to do it that way when you could get a blogger or wordpress site for free and drive traffic to that? I am sure one of them wouldn't hit you with the ban hammer before you made some sales if at all.
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    Rome wasn't built in a day and same goes with your business.

    While awaiting for your debit card there's a lot of thing s you can do to get prepared and organized.
    Research, keywords, content creation, video etc.

    Remember all the free methods like blogger, wordpress, facebook etc is good to have in your marketing mix but is not under your control.

    Id suggest to be patient and do other things and get
    a domain and a self hosted website ( blog) which is under your control instead.
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    Create eBooks/reports relevant to links you promote and share them free among related information seekers.

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    As a newcomer to the biz, I'd suggest you start researching about blogs and blogging. Once your card shows up buy your self a domain and get your own authority base.

    You can also stay building relationships on social/networks i.e. Facebook(Fab groups out there such as WarriorJV WSO Group) Skype groups and when you get your card join the War room here.

    Next step:

    *find something that interests you, i.e. Affiliate marketing, social media, list building, etc.
    *Buy products in this field.
    *Study product(s) and take action

    Regardless of the results you will now know something that some others do not.

    Then create a report, get a squeeze page and now start building traffic to it.

    -Build your list.
    -Use your blog to keep your subscribers engaged
    -promote your products & promote others

    I pretty much gave you a rough guide to were you can take it. Start of small and work your way up.

    To your success,


    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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    When your debit card comes I HIGHLY recommend joining the War Room here on the Warrior Forum, I waited way too long before joining. The war room is a very welcoming place with tons and tons of useful information.

    My top three tips to you:
    - Research a strategy
    - Take action on the strategy
    - Make sure your strategy involves, in one way or another, building a list

    When your debit card comes you will be ready to buy the right domain name (because you have done research in the meantime) and you will know exactly what to do next.

    Good luck,
    - Felix
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    Why not grab a free one at Wordpress . com or Blogger? That could be a way to get started and then move on later on to a self hosted blog?

    You could be doing your social networking and forums marketing etc and direct them to a hosted site - when the time comes just transfer your pages/text over to the new site. Gives you a headstart.
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    If you are doing CPA, you could direct your traffic to your affiliate link but in this case, you are not able to track.
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    You can create a form on Google Documents, in order to send traffic to the form you can create youtube videos or articles
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