Need someone to help with a wordpress shopping cart dilemma...

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Hey everyone, I'm having quite the issue here..

I'm trying to get our new website built and I can't find a shopping cart that will allow me to put a Printed book up for sale, and in the same area offer the Epub, Kindle, and Smashwords formats for various prices.

So In other words, on the front of the store page, there is the thumbnail with a add to cart button - and when they click on the picture it brings up the medium sized picture of the book, with the blurb about it. And there needs to be 4-5 different buttons and/or options... I.E. (Printed version 15.99, Epub 5.99, Mobipocket 5.99, and so on)

Does anyone know of a shopping cart that will achieve that? I mean I've looked and looked, and I even called my host GoDaddy for help, and there not even aware of one that does what I want it to accomplish.

I have 1,600+ books to put up, and I can't have 4 or 5 separate pictures on the page per book representing the 4 or 5 ways they can receive it. That would be like 7000+ images!! WOOF! Not to mention that would be annoying as heck for the buyer...

I really want to use wordpress as that has a lot of point and click ease to it, and I'm having one heck of a hard time trying to figure this out.

A paid version of something or not, I have to find something quick as I'm on a time constraint! I'm desperate for help....

Thanks in advance guys!
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    I put together a demo of how to sell all your books as physical and downloadable with different images and different prices. Here is the link:
    Life with Flowers

    You can select the different options under the "add to cart" button.
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