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I am thinking about buying a list of email contacts and emailing these contacts with my affiliate product offering. Is this a viable way of promoting my product to generate sales, or would you recommend I generate my own list of email contacts?
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    unless you are buying a well targeted direct response (which are really expensive) list I would suggest building your own list.
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      I would agree with Nick on this. best to build your own list will take bit longer but much safer.
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        Ya stay away from buying a list. It's better to build your own with something like solo ads. That way the people who opt in know who it is they are opting into and they aren't just being traded around.

        Plus through solo ads you can promote your affiliate product as a oto and make some cash while building a list

        Hope this helps,

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          Have you had much success marketing your affiliate products through soloads?
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            Hi Richard - almost nobody here who has had any success at all, with email marketing, will ever recommend buying a list.

            It's overwhelmingly better to build your own.

            Nothing devalues a list like selling it. The value of the list is in the relationship between the subscribers and the person sending out the emails: without that, you have very little value, really. And very few people will even open your emails, if you're not the person to whose list they subscribed.

            And then there are all the potential legal and practical problems, of course: no autoresponder company will allow you to import a bought list, and their reasons for not being willing to do that are the very same reasons that make it so inadvisable for you to try to email them yourself, using a self-hosted autoresponder.

            In internet marketing terms, for the average/normal marketer, though very few things are "absolute", list-buying is about as much of a non-starter as an idea can be, overall.
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    It would need to be a targeted list and open to receiving emails from you, in particular.

    Best to build your own list if possible.
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    Originally Posted by AffiliateRg View Post

    I am thinking about buying a list of email contacts and emailing these contacts with my affiliate product offering. Is this a viable way of promoting my product to generate sales, or would you recommend I generate my own list of email contacts?
    I wouldn't buy lists. Create a signup form and ask customers/potential customers to sign-up to it is a better strategy. That way you can be assured they're interested and also more importantly, it abides by your email marketing provider's TOS.
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    I vote on building your own list, because when you build your own list you know where the subscribers came from, how they got on your site and so on. When you buy a list you have no idea where that list comes from.

    The list you buy might be build using credit card surveys and that is not a good list if you are promoting lets say a weight loss product..
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    It would make sense to do some split testing for a small fraction of that list before going on to recruiting a list from that list. Market your tested landing page to the resulting list.

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    Most of the time you purchase a list of emails they are extremely low quality. So you would have to expect a very low response rate even to a great offer.
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    Stay away from that sort of thing and listen to the above posts and build your own. You want to know that everyone that is on your list is there because you had something they wanted.. "Targeted"
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    You could buy lists, if you have that kind of money. But you will have no guarantee that the list will be responsive, plus you're going to have to spend a lot of time prepping that list to buy from you. Why not put the resources into building your list, like everyone here has suggested. That way, you actually get to form a relationship with them. The PEOPLE on your list then get to trust you and like you, which usually translates to higher sales.

    PM me if you want a romantic fiction ghostwriter.

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    It all depends on where you're buying the list from. If it's a list that's been sold a hundred times, it's worth less than a private seller selling you his list. I know someone who built a nice little info product empire and sold the whole thing, it does happen.

    Even when you buy solo ads, it's the same deal. Some sellers will have quality, some won't.

    If you've got the cash and you think you've found a good deal.. try it. The only way to know for sure if it works is to try it for yourself. If you just plan on sending 1 affiliate offer, don't expect much in return. You'll need to send emails often, many marketers send affiliate offers every day. Learn a little more about relationship building and email marketing before jumping on board with it though. Lots of people do it wrong.

    A little research and education before you get started would be wise.
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    You'll get low response rates because email recipients don't know you.

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    When it comes to email marketing...

    The money isn't so much 'in the list' as it is in the 'trust' your list has in you...
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    I'm going to be boring and agree with the...

    ...Don't buy, build it yourself brigade.

    Of course you can speed things up by buying solo ads
    and banner ads etc etc.

    But it's far better to know your numbers before you invest in
    paying heavily for your traffic.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think that chance is very small, to buy a list of contacts that could be interested in your product.
    But... you never know.

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    If you mean buying somebody else list then i would recommend not doing it as that practice is hit or miss at beat and you don't know where the list came from.
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