I Have a Subscriber!!!

by Dan C. Rinnert 14 replies
And it's somebody I don't even know!

When I joined WF a month and a half ago, I didn't even have a list. Okay, I do have one list, but I've never been able to monetize it... Anyway, I've had other lists in the past, many years ago, and never got anything out of them. I probably didn't use them effectively.

A week after joining WF, I learned about Aweber and signed up. I started a list for one of my sites, and immediately got 1 subscriber. But, that was someone I knew, so I kind of feel like that doesn't count. Not that he's not an important subscriber, but it's not like a total stranger just up and signed up.

Later, I bought a ready-made website (WSO), then some PLR articles in the same niche (WSO) and put up a new website, mid-August. I used an eBook as a freebie if you sign up for the list. Got some incoming links, even tried some ads on AdWords. Nothing. No signups at all.

Last weekend, I revamped the site and content, converting it to a WordPress blog. Not sure if that's had any impact, other than it makes it easier for me to promote.

Now, today, I got my first subscriber! Yay! It's so exciting.
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