How do you PROTECT your video pages...using butterfly marketing script?

by BJ Min
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i am doing butterfly marketing 2.0 and had a quick question...

my OTO will be a recurring membership page...and was wondering
how to PROTECT my video pages...

i will have:
- main menu of videos (will be protected by butterfly marketing script because it requires login)
- in the menu, it will have a LIST of videos that open in NEW windows
EX: www. asdfasdfasfdad. com/thankyou.php

- each of the videos are just on my website that non-members (if they know link) can access...

EX: www. asdfasdfasfdad. com/videos/video1.htm

so how do i protect those specific video pages?

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    One way is to generate a new page for each video.


    Go to "Site Design" -> "Generate New Pages"
    Create a new page called video1 and click "members only"
    This will create 2 new files in BFM - and
    Next go to "Manage Menus" and locate the new menu item for video1
    Click on the "advanced settings"
    Select "Show to" and check off the oto members.
    Deselect the "check to activate box" this will take it off the menu.
    Click change settings.
    Now edit the video1.html and embed the video.

    Repeat the steps for each video. Now you will have a bunch of files and corresponding html files. Create a new menu item for the videos, for example "Gold Member Videos". Make it available for OTO customers. Now on that page you can edit the html template file ( and put links to all the files and have them popup in a new window.

    The only other way I know of is to get down and dirty with the php and customize the auto generated php files. Or create your own custom php page that checks the BFM membership.

    Hope that helps,
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    i did exactly what you did...and it makes perfect sense...

    but somehow if i click on that video file...mine is called for example

    it shows my video...i dont want it to be shown (i checked on OTO members only)
    but it still shows to the general public...

    ill try again...but maybe is there another method? easier?
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    hey dan...

    i tried doing with another video...this time IT WORKED!

    i think i messed around with 1st video too much so it didn't work...but i got it...

    i guess from now, i just have to make like 50 video pages (cuz i have like 50 videos)...

    thanks man! you really helped me...

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