How Would You Invest 100 Bucks?

by TonyAG
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If you only had 100 dollars to invest into an internet marketing funnel that guarantees profit, what would you spend it on?

Articles? Websites? Ads? Outsourcing?

The reason I ask is there are many beginners like me on a low budget, and hopefully the answers will provide help those who are struggling making their first sales.
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    Well first I wouldn't invest in it, because if someone guarantees you to make money its probably too good to be true. Not to say I don't buy those. I do buy them cause I usually get something out of them that is worthwhile.

    So I'm guessing you mean hypothetically.
    I Would invest in solo ads if I was a complete newby. I do not suggest them for seasoned marketers but for newbys its probably the fastest way to get subscribers.

    EDITED; I just should of thought first. No I would make a product and launch it here, that takes care of two things, your own product and your list, will cost 80 to list it with the war room membership, hopefully you can get 50 sales out of it which will get you a little money every week from your list since there buyers then you could invest in solo ads with the profit.
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    Keep your money for now. Anybody who "guarantees" you earn money is probably a scammer. You have to invest either time and effort or money. I would recommend you invest time and effort and work out what you re ally want before spending anything.
    If you search this forum, you'll find countless threads that all ask the same thing...
    "how can I make fast or easy money if I invest $X?"
    So have a read of some of those threads too. Read threads that talk about various alternatives and then make your decision.
    But online money making is NOT a short term prospect.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Originally Posted by TonyAG View Post

    If you only had 100 dollars to invest into an internet marketing funnel that guarantees profit
    LOL ..............

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Put that $100 back in your pocket and go straight to the war room or search for marketing journey forum posts. There are tons of them. Spend more time researching and steer clear of scam offers featuring all sorts of ridiculous income claims.
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    I don't think you'll be able to find an answer to this hypothetical question that satisfies you. First there are almost never any guarantees in online marketing and especially not with such a low budget.

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    Website Domain Name - $10
    Hosting $2.99 -$14
    Wordpress - FREE
    Paypal - FREE
    Facebook ads - .08-.40
    Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy - $14.95
    Paper Template Plugin - $7
    Experience - Priceless
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    Traffic. Simple as that.
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    If you don't have the skills already then the $100 will go to waste. When you have the skills you won't be asking the question. What you're needing right now isn't a website or articles or advertising, etc. but expertise. You can get some of that through trial and error but that's a long expensive road. It's possible to pay for decent education but great education is hard to find and you'll likely burn through a lot more money than that getting to the point where you can actually make money. A good friend of mine got into internet marketing a few years ago, it took him about 6 months of 12-14 hour days and $5000 to get to the point where he broke even, you're optimistic to think you'll do better and almost certain to fail if you aren't willing to commit to spending twice that.

    So where does that leave you? The best advice is to go work for someone not for the money but to learn. The simple reality is education is one of the most expensive processes you'll go through. If I could go back and do it all over again when I started my second business I would have kept a part time job while I was starting my company because by not doing so I accumulated a lot of debt that took me years to repay.

    The beauty of a job is someone else is paying for your learning rather than you paying for it. Now, does this mean go get a job at McDonald's? No, it means find someone who either does what you want to learn to do and work for them or find someone who has a competitive advantage that isn't being leveraged into the field you're looking for (such as internet marketing in one of its various forms) and say to them "hey, you've got a great thing going here, i really think it could do well online, do you agree? Great! Here's the deal I'd like to make with you. I don't know how to make it work right now, but I want to learn and I can't very well afford to do that on my own right now. If you agree to cover the costs, we'll establish a budget that's reasonable for you, I'll devote myself to learning how to make it happen and take care of that for you. You won't pay me anything but once it starts to work, we'll split the profits that come out above the costs you've paid". Not everyone will say yes to this offer but if you work the numbers someone will.

    That's a starting point.

    If you require help please feel free to message me.

    There are only 5 things an entrepreneur should be doing all day every day to become rich. -

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      Originally Posted by Michael Rosmer View Post

      If you don't have the skills already then the $100 will go to waste.
      That is absolutely right. IM is not a bank fixed deposit where you can invest x amount and earn x+y. If you don't know what you are doing, you will make loss, no matter what you do.

      As Mary Evans said, spend the money only on the things you require to get started. Domain name, hosting, script and once you are ready with the site and ensured everuthing is fine, if you need to spend the rest - do it on PPC / ads on related forums / sites. But the key to success is what site / product you develop and how well you do it. Not the amount of money spent for it.

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    $100 is enough for the bare necessities. Domain, Hosting, Autoresponder.

    You'd then need to do everything else yourself from creating the optin page & autoresponder series to generating free traffic and continuously putting out new content that you could sell as well. $100 is a tough starting point, but it's achievable if you put your efforts into the right places.
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    Video creating software and submitter or targeted article writing. $100 is not good enough money. You will also need good keyword tool mate.
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    Buy something to sell, or buy traffic promoting something I already have to sell.

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      I would try Binary Options Trading,if you know what you doing and start with little money you can make $30-$40 per day easy.
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        As mentioned above your question is hypothetical, so I have to give a hypothetical answer..

        Get a domain $1 - 15$
        Hosting $3 - $10
        Autoresponder $1 (30 day trial)
        Create a free info product that goes to a paid info product $0 (but will cost you time)

        Finally buy some high quality targeted solo ads with the balance and send that traffic to your squeeze page (free product)...

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    Domain $10
    Hosting $9
    Article writing $20
    Cpc advertising $25
    Facebook Ads $25
    Auto Responder $10
    **I made $200 the first day!**
    >>With only 2 hours work!!<<
    Click here to see how!
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    if i had a spare $100 i would invest it in some paid traffic such as solo ads, facebook ads or ppc

    by using paid traffic you learn a tonne about conversions and profits etc which is the backbone of IM

    before you rush out to buy traffic you should have a sales funnel already in place first otherwise you are going to struggle to make anything back from your paid traffic
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      Originally Posted by paul nicholls View Post

      if i had a spare $100 i would invest it in some paid traffic such as solo ads, facebook ads or ppc

      by using paid traffic you learn a tonne about conversions and profits etc which is the backbone of IM

      before you rush out to buy traffic you should have a sales funnel already in place first otherwise you are going to struggle to make anything back from your paid traffic
      This is the best advice you can get
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    I'd invest it in designs for my clothing line. Then I'd put those designs on t-shirts. Then I'd use the knowledge I have already acquired to turn those t-shirts into profits.
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    Dear TonyAG, there are no guarantees on any investment ever.

    That said, I'd probably go ahead and buy some clicks to sell an e-product that I made. Of course, I'd sell it on one of my existing sites... Send me five and I'll set you up with a spot on a subdomain!

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    paid traffic, with a good offer you could turn this into $200 - $300 but again you would have to know what you are doing.
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    There is never a guarantee of profit in any business venture. With research, know-how, and a little bit of luck, you can shift the odds in your favor, but that's about as good as it gets. Tolerance for a certain level of risk is what sets entrepreneurs apart from everyone else. The only sure paycheck is one that you earn from working at a job.
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    Create a product, add an autoresponder, then add paid traffic. That should get you started.
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    Paid banner placement on a site I regularly get 800% to 1800% ROI

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

    Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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    When i started i didnt have a job and nothing. My mentor said go sell something and i will pay your $45 back once you make the investment. I had to sell one of my laptops for $120

    I only had to invest $45 plus $25 for a auto-responder. But after 2 weeks i made a huge difference in my life.I never worked so hard in my life and im still working. I wrre an article in my blog how i mae my first 10 sales using free traffic sources.
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  • $100 is not much, maybe you can buy a few domain names and hosting with it.
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    I don't have much things to do with $100 bucks. I would buy a few domain (of course after researching niche) and hosting. Rest of the money in my pocket until I write 20/30 articles then I will think about facebook ads or ppc.
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    100 Bulks is far much less bellow your expectations.May be you can invest it on doing some Ads for marketing.
    Consider also to investing more money ,efforts and time since $100 will not help much.
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    This is a pretty loaded question and open to many different ways of interpretation. If you already had a fully built functional website and were looking to get visitors then of course the answer would be TRAFFIC. I actually had a similar dillema back when I first got into Internet Marketing in 2000. I had a website, had done some basic SEO and I was waiting for the money to come pouring in ... which of course it did not. I paid $49 for some email blasting service I found on eBay and started making sales. I reinvested what I was bringing in and improved my marketing methods (purchasing banner ad placements, targeted legitimate email blasts, etc.). Most important thing to remember though is that the foundation has to be poured before you can build a house so if you don't have a functional website yet then that should be the priority.
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    is this assuming they already have a domain, hosting and auto responder account?

    Those are essentials for selling stuff online. Then I always suggest using free and paid traffic, there is no better way to learn how to convert sales than investing your last little bit of money on paid traffic. Throw your self in the trenches that's the fastest way to learn anything.
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    I would invest it in 1 of 2 things...

    That would be either solo ads, or Facebook ads. Both are extremely good in generating high targeted traffic back to your site. You just have to know where to find the right people, or how to create effective ads that target the people you are looking for.
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    Domain Name: $10 Choose something either fanciful, so you can get trademark protection, or highly descriptive so nobody can get trademark protection, choice is yours!

    1 Month Web Hosting: $8

    Wordpress: FREE

    Audio Technica ATR-2100 USB Microphone: $50

    1 Month Libsyn Media Hosting: $20

    SoundFlower for Mac: FREE

    Skype for Mac: FREE for Skype to Skype calls

    LineIn for Mac: FREE

    Audacity or Garageband for Mac: FREEE

    I would then record several podcast interviews using the software mentioned and create a show. I would build out a website using Wordpress, host the podcast media on Libsyn, get my friends in my social networks and friends of guests to give the podcast a listen and comment on it and rate it in iTunes, pray that I got into the New and Noteworthy section, and build my audience and advertise to them something in each show they might be interested in.

    Keep that up for a while and I suspect you will make okay money.

    By the way, that leaves $12 for hosting for Month #2, so you will only need to make about $16 to keep your cashflow up enough to finance a second month of operations.
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    If I were you I'd spend it on solo ads to get my list built quicker, then market products to your list.
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