A Surprisingly Effective Way to Forge New Connections Online

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I kind of discovered this by accident and it took me a while to realize how valuable this method actually is because it just recently dawned on me how many times I've used it to engage with new website owners and the neat partnerships and relationships I've managed to spark as a result.

Has anyone else noticed the increasing popularity of live chat assistance on new websites?

I worked as a live chat operator for a while about a year ago now, so maybe I'm just more keenly aware of their presence (most are not obtrusive and many have to be clicked to pop up or open on the screen).

Well in my experience, this has been an outstanding way to get in touch directly with important people who are involved in running new sites and services and works great to introduce yourself.

If I like a site and notice that they have a live chat, I click on it and start off with a friendly greeting and a respectful compliment about their website.

I express interest in what they have to offer and ask if they have a partner or affiliate program that I might be able to join?

I also give them a very brief intro to tell them who I am and what I do (why it's relevant to them and their service).

This breaks the ice immediately and works like a charm.

When they have an affiliate program, it's usually pretty easy to find. The sites I reach out to usually don't have one yet, however, here are some results I was able to get using live chat...

  1. One site I reached out to didn't have an affiliate program, but I told them I have a list of subscribers in their niche who I wanted to recommend them to even if there was nothing in it for me, and they were generous enough to create 50 coupon codes for me to send out to give my list a three month free trial subscription to their service!
  2. Another site that was early on in their development didn't have any sort of affiliate program in place, but I told them to keep me in mind if they ever needed a guest author for their blog. They immediatley asked me to send them the best post from my own blog which was in the same niche, and they cross posted it on theirs.

These are only a couple of examples too!

In both cases, I have made a new connection in my niche and now have exchanged emails with someone important at each company. This can't be a bad thing.

Hope it helps other warriors!
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    [edit] OP amended ;-) [/edit]

    ...but the advice is good and I've never read it elsewhere.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

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      Originally Posted by Saul View Post

      but the advice is good and I've never read it elsewhere.

      Thanks for sharing :-)
      Agreed. This is a nice little way to connect with people and get their attention.
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        Nice tip. Another way I contact website forum owners is by replying to their own posts first with a little banter so I establish a relationship with them first and them proposing an offer. It works much better than just emailing them outright for a JV request or whatever.
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  • Nice advice there Ash. Very generous of you to share it freely with warriors that might be able to use the tactic. Others would have simply kept it to themselves, or wrapped it up in a shiny ecover and sold it for $7 as a WSO.
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    Agreed also - it doesn't harm in getting in touch straight with the person who's running things.
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