How many is too many?

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Just a question and I guess a matter of opinion but how many WSO's by one person at one time is too many?

I mean if you look at the front page and see someone running 3 or 5 different WSO's on the same topic does it affect your opinion of that person?

I'm not talking about people bumping offers but them coming up with something new to sell every couple of days.

Does that bother you or not?

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    Heck no it doesn't bother me. In fact, there's a lot of people whose WSO's I'd like to see more of. For example, I'd be ecstatic (and a lot poorer) if the entire first page of WSO's was dominated by Maria Gudelis

    Bottom line for me is if you put out quality WSO's, I'd be perfectly fine with you cranking them out. I don't see why more good WSO's should be a bad reflection on the WSO owner. On the other hand, if someone repeatedly churns out crap, that's a totally different story.

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      There are also people that I can't wait to see WSO's from...

      Sure, I could go to their site and get the products or services whenever, but I dig the discounts

      I wish BigMike had 20 of them that stayed on page #1 7 days a week.
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        No, it won't affect my opinion of those people as long as the WSOs are good or I had good experiences with that person's WSO before.
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    It doesn't really bother long as they are high quality. Having many great products at a discount for Warriors could never be a bad thing. If there is something wrong with the product or they don't deliver -- that's when I have a problem.

    I've never bought a bad WSO in my time at the Warrior Forum, I'm proud to say! (note: that does not mean they are all legit, do your due diligence)

    Good product creators should keep on cranking them out. Jason Fladlien, Robert Plank, and Jeremy and Don can dominate the whole front page for all I'm concerned
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    I think I understand what you mean. You see all these wsos from one person and it makes you wonder are they making a lot with these, or are they just trying to make something with these. In the later you might wonder if what they have to offer is any good. Of course if you are interested read the threads. The wso section seems to take care of itself, if someone is selling crap, we all figure it out.
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    It doesn't bother me at all. I feel that I am competent in deciding which WSOs are quality and which ones I probably don't need.

    Every now and then I will find a WSO that is like a goldmine then I immediately try to find others by that person (Jason Fladlien and Jeremy Kesall come to mind) and it almost feels like I am their apprentice...for cheap.

    The key is to go with your gut and only buy WSOs YOU want to buy. If someone has 3-4 up and they don't interest me then I don't buy. I can't fault them for trying to make some money and provide some useful info (even if it is for someone else ).
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