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I recently launched a self improvement blog. I have two questions:

1) How competitive this niche is?

2) What are some of the ways I can monetize a self improvement blog?
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    This is really general. Within the self improvement arena, there are many subcategories that you will need to target/specialize in. Working out/fitness is self help. So is improving your mind, etc.
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    It's a huge niche, and there's lots of competition... which is a good thing.

    Other people are making money and so can you! Monetize it like you would any info product/coaching business & go nuts. Loads of affiliate offers too, but creating your own content is better.
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      I agree, since this market is of high caliber upon the spectrum of competition you will have to establish a unique selling proposition or what people like to call it the edge.
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      Originally Posted by Victor Edson View Post

      It's a huge niche, and there's lots of competition... which is a good thing.

      Other people are making money and so can you! Monetize it like you would any info product/coaching business & go nuts. Loads of affiliate offers too, but creating your own content is better.
      its pretty good, not as big as the diet, health or relationship niches, but pretty good one yes.
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    Self improvement niche is a wide are niche.May be you can consider going for one or two like fitness and self improvement coaching etc.There are guys already making great deals out of it,why not you?
    Go get it!
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    It's competitive like most online markets. As for monetizing your blog it just depends on what you are promoting. Do you have your own product or an affiliate product? There are lots of variables there.
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    Saying you are working in self-improvement is like working in the wellness market. There is a lot to either of them - subniches and microniches and teeny-tiny niches [tongue in cheek!].

    It's up to you to determine which of those niches you want to address, do the homework around finding your competitors and then developing an approach that makes you unique.

    Monetizing depends upon how indepth you want go - content search and some content, affiliate marketing, CPA or develop your own products, services and membership? Is it a website or an entire business? Do you love it or are you doing it to make money? In the first case you'll love continuing to make it grow - in the second you'll be glad to get the content up, get some money in and then outsource the rest of it.

    It works either way - and it's still your choice
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  • Not to state the obvious, but the Warrior Forum has a related section here:

    Mind Warriors - Success, Power, Self-Improvement

    Have you checked it out?

    Make sure to be involved there, and you will get some great ideas, inspiration, and possibly make some connections.
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    Self improvement isn't a niche it's a massive market. Phobia cures is a niche. Improving self esteem is a niche. Curing bed wetting is a niche. There is almost no way to monetize a general self improvement blog without actually identifying an actual niche within that market.
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    Originally Posted by onlinemoneymakerguy View Post

    I have two questions:

    1) How competitive this niche is?
    It isn't a niche. It's a market (and a huge one).

    Within it, there are countless niches. Some are ultra-competitive; others are barely competitive at all. And there's everything in-between, too. You probably want a niche within it, though?

    (Edited to add: sorry, I typed slowly and hadn't seen Travlinguy's post, above. That often happens: I sometimes think if I just "thanked" all his posts, I wouldn't need to say much more ).
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    I love this market. It is my absolute favorite, person development and self improvement is very important to me. This market love s to spend money on products, ebooks audios and videos.

    They are also open to make money opportunities. This is my personal passion and I love communicating with this market. there are so many great offers with affiliate programs in this niche too.
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    Originally Posted by onlinemoneymakerguy View Post

    1) How competitive this niche is?

    2) What are some of the ways I can monetize a self improvement blog?

    As others have stated, it is my opinion that "self improvement" is way too broad to be an effective choice of niches. Why?

    Does anyone go online searching to buy self improvement products? I wouldn't.

    If I wanted to improve myself I would search for information and products in the specific areas that I wanted to improve.

    Similarly, most people wouldn't go online searching for "sports." They would search for football, baseball, soccer, or similar specialties. Not only that, they would most likely go even deeper in their search.
    • Football tackling
    • Football strength and conditioning
    • Football pass catching
    • Football running techniques
    You get the point.

    The more specific you are, the easier it is to exactly target your best prospects and their wants/needs.

    In addition, when you are very specific, I mean extremely specific, you eliminate most of the competition in the niche.

    So, for example, let's drill down in the self improvement arena:

    self improvement ---> increased confidence ---> self esteem ---> self esteem in teens ---> self esteem in teen women ---> self esteem in girls 12-15 years old.

    "How to encourage self esteem in girls 12-15 years old" - Now that's a product that meets a great need in a hungry niche. Yes, it's part of the self improvement field, but it's a very specific product that addresses a problem and would be way more enticing to buy than say an info product with "Self Improvement Tips" as a title.

    This is just one example, hopefully making the point that it's best to drill way down to the bare specific target in order to focus customer appetite for your business/product.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • What about mental health self help?
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      Originally Posted by 01123581321345589144 View Post

      What about mental health self help?
      I wouldn't want to go too deep into this without the appropriate background, it could lead to someone getting really hurt if done wrong.
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    self help niche is huge - i am in it and can gladly tell you people will spend tons of money in it

    Also you have to opportunity to cross over market to IM with the right offer which is what I do
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    Regardless of your approach and niche, don't forget to regurgitate the same old 'key principles of happiness' - positive thinking, the law of attraction and other B.S. that people in this niche like to read about. Don't you dare mention scientific papers on how these usually don't work - you'll just f. up their reality.

    Oh, and one more thing: If you want to make money, and I mean real money, don't help them, just give them enough content to get them psyched up, fail and then come back for more. And don't worry, they'll make up an excuse for why it didn't work - the human brain is really good at it.

    Good luck and may the law of attraction attract you a lot of visitors to your website.

    P.S. You can tell this thread is very old just by seeing the post of someone who is not posting here anymore. Good old days ...
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      This niche is huge I would recommend that you target one or more sub-niche to start with . For example, self improvement to get that new job, pass an exam or get a promotion.

      It will be much easier for you to get ranked if you sub-nice a bit and there is still a ton of traffic an products you could sell as an affiliate.

      An alternative sub niche, could be self improvement as regards getting in shape, loosing a pound or two, getting that girl or guy who always smiles at you on the train.

      You get what I am saying.

      If you can do it, in those sub niches you can knock up loads of kindle books, or guides to put up on clickbank.

      I hope this helps
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    1. Very competitive I assume
    2. Provide value, show results in your life so that others will be motivated.

    I myself will definitely need to be self improved after going through many failures in internet marketing. However I am still going strong. Starting Out Fresh ยป JOHN REYNADO
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    Yes - lots of good opportunities within self improvement mega-niche, key is to focus on very specific desire to be, have or do something that they are not today.

    Look at top sellers on Amazon within this sub-niche, look at personal development forums and notice the forum sections/threads that get the most participation and reads

    We started with a self improvement blog and within a month of daily posts had 4 posts that went viral around 2 sub-niches which gave us a very strong clue to our first hot topic - we turned that into an ebook. Since then, have duplicated this many times, at some points the best monetization for the topic that pops to the top is affiliate product (either CB or Amazon/CJ) or if it's strong enough then we turn out our own product.

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    I would get out of the niche personally.
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  • Get yourself some good self improvement articles and build in some affiliate links to related products. Then get some good traffic coming in through your unique content and SEO and you should see some sales trickle in as the targeted traffic continues to grow.
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    Steve B got it, you need to focus more on one part of self improvement. Use amazon search or google to research possible "micro niches" within the self-improvement niche.
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    Self-help is very competitive... online and off. It's such a huge niche with many subniches that span race, age, gender, religion and any other type of status you can think of.

    I have never tried to monetize a blog, but I've studied many of the ways that people do: courses, coaching, solo ads, sponsorships, etc.

    Good luck with your new venture!
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