Anyone here tried SMS marketing?

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if so, how was it? any hits? what are some reputable companies?

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  • Never tried it but personally it annoys the hell out of me when I get SMS ads on my phone.
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      Has anyone tried blurtooth marketing?

      same sort of thing, you could put a small video together for a local market go to an area where your customers are and send the video to everyone.

      Example: You have a site that aims at 18 - 30 age group. but a video together then go sit in a busy pub or club and send the vidoe to everyone in the building.

      I havent tried it, just one of the ideas i have yet to come to try.
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          Several countries has laws against SMS advertising.
          So you may want to look that up.

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            Apart from the legal aspects already mentioned, one of the problems is that many people pay to receive text messages, not just to send them.

            This week I'm launching a new service that has a strong SMS viral element. Many people will learn about it simply by using it. It's not advertising - just viral marketing as its best where a service promotes itself just by being used for what it was intended (the Hotmail model springs to mind).

            It should be fun and a little different - I'm looking forward to it.



            Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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