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I've been looking at Build a Niche Store (BANS) for some time now. Have any of you used this before? What's your experience with this Bans?

I've been looking at War Room by Allen as well. Can't decide which one will benefit me in the long term as I am a newbie when it come to building a website, and internet marketing.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
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    I've used BANS(Build a Niche Store) with great success. eBay affiliate program converts well as eBay is an established brand. In addition, people love bargain!

    However, my advise is that you need to add in more unique contents onto your BANS site to attract more visitors. Oh yeah, do not forget to join EPN(Ebay Publisher Network) first before you invest in BANS.

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      BANS stores are basically stores that list the eBay auctions with your affiliate link embedded.

      So, actually you are limited to building stores with only eBay listings and you'll pay $97.

      Actually I've been creating my own poor men's eBay stores, by using the RSSfeeds and integrating them in an HTML page. There's a bit of work involved, but it worked quite well for me.

      I too considered buying BANS in the past , but I didn't. Now I'm using something completely different that enables you to build pages with integrated eBay, Amazon or Clickbank store. On top of that you can also integrate news feeds from Google, MSN, Yahoo + your own feeds if you want so.

      You write some keyword targeted articles for your content and the software automatically integrates the niche store of your choice. Even titles and meta-tags are generated.

      The product is called EZ Niche Builder and it costs $49.95

      About the War Room. Oh yeah, this is something unique on the entire internet. Maybe a newbie would get lost in the advanced stuff that is being shared there, but there are a lot of golden nuggets there for people who want to discover business models that guarantee you'll make money from the Internet. Posts you'll never see here in the regular forum (and all free).

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