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I own an off-line technology based business for 13 yrs. now. I have become an expert (as far as I'm concerned) in my niche and I'd like to create a member site and video e-course to serve this niche.

I developed my idea because I saw a need by a large group that I know how to fill. I discovered the world of IM and the Warrior Forum during my initial research into how to develop my product. I want to be clear that this project isn't my first intended "dabble" into IM.

My intention is to build a formidable business around a needed product - and to do it exactly right the first time (with allowances for tweeking, of course).

This forum is filled with all the information and talent I need to create a successful launch. I would like to request help from the members here who have the necessary skills to help me complete the below product.

Please excuse the ignorance in my following descriptions, but I don't speak IM fluently yet.

Main site - The secondary focus of the site will be to the E-Course section, where I will offer registered visitors free video courses on how to build a successful business. There will also be a section for downloadable tools.

The primary focus is to drive visitors to join the Premium Membership Site, price not yet determined. The primary selling point for joining is entry into a peer-based networking group, utilizing video conferencing for weekly meetings. I believe the total list of products and services I have offered for joining will be very compelling.

To create the sites, I'll need to complete the following items:
  • Create the landing page, squeeze page, general site copy.
  • Create compelling sales emails
  • SEO
  • Setup list collection and site registration backend
  • Setup payment processing
  • Create Video Testimonials
  • Scripted 3 min. video for Landing Page (Site Introduction)
  • 36 Scripted Video e-courses
    • 12 chapters, 3 parts ea., approx. 7-15 min. ea. for a total of 36, 7-15 min. videos scripted.
    • The printable scripts for each part will be available for download to Premium Members.
    • Individual web page for each part.
    • I intend to shoot the videos myself
    • post production
  • Create Blog/Twitter
  • Create Forum (this is the intended center of the product offering, and I have no idea how to create it).
  • Integrate Video Conferencing Network Groups into Forum.
  • Obtain Articles for SEO and affiliate linking
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Obtain Tools and Downloadable Content for Membership subscribers.
  • Redesign my existing, off-line business site to be optimized for affiliate marketing.
Website Designer
Writer, e-book writer?
Article writer (I'm sure I can find this person in the Classifieds Forum)
I will handle the black components myself.

The above listed positions are those I need to fill. I am looking for the most qualified talent with availability starting as early as next week.

I am looking for writers with a solid track record and some successful projects under their belt. If you are interested, I would like to see some of your previous work and would appreciate being able to contact a couple of your previous or existing clients for a referance.

I need to create a budget for this project ASAP, which I can't do until I receive quotes or feedback from some members. If you have a serious interest in being part of this project, please PM me with a request for any additional details you'll need to provide an accurate quote.

Thanks in advance,
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    Wow. Maybe I should start by hiring a copywriter to write my want ad.
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    I think the question is what is your budget? PM me an maybe I can help you...

    I teach people how to create a steady/stable income on the internet without all the hype. $19.95 a month get's you 24/7 Access to training videos + more that will teach you the same as the big guys. Niche Marketing Zorro -

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      interesting post, would have been willing to put my hand up for the web design and general webmaster duties, would also be interested if you decided to go down the route of using the scripted videos to create professional videos, although I see you want to shoot them yourself.

      I think your first hiring should be a project manager that can source all the elements you need, I imagine it will be a big project with lots of people to keep in line

      Good luck,

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