How can I earn from small traffic?

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I have a blog about social media, google updates / tips, wordpress tips / plugins / themes, reviews.

Current traffic stats:

Visits: 3,547
Pageviews: 4,546
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:20

Organic traffic: 65%

I want to earn something with this small traffic, what ads should I add on my site, affiliate products, adsense ads or what ?
Note: I'm building backlinks to the blog, only whitehat techniques.

Any advice is welcomed.
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    I would put some Amazon adverts on there. Related to your content.
    Adsense used to be good but not so much these days
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      Seems to me that affiliate programs for WP products would make the perfect fit.

      A bunch of cool WP plugins and themes are using a affiliate program.

      For example:
      Premium WordPress Themes | Website Templates | ThemeForest

      Next time you create a post like "Top 10 review themes for Wordpress" you can include a theme that can earn you commissions.

      Here is another great WP theme provider that offers %.
      WordPress Themes Affiliate Program | Elegant Themes

      Include one of their themes in your post.

      They have plugins as well (You will find plenty of other websites that do)

      SO if you are writing a post about "Best WP Plugins for affiliates" you can include a plugin that offers affiliate commission, such as one from Elegant themes.

      This way you can earn a great income with little traffic and you build from there.

      Now don't just add plugins for the commission but actually do some research and find out what plugins/themes are great to use and target long tail keywords that get you more related traffic.

      Don't bother with Adsense or Amazon (Don't see how digital products will work here anyway) and just provide the same content as you are doing now but just keep your eye open for affiliate programs that come with the themes and plugins you where writing about in the first place.

      You can really build a great earner with this and actually be helpful and like what you do.

      On top of that you can look out for summer sales and other discounts providers like elegant themes might offer and post about it to earn a nice commission or even build a list and email about them.

      Also, you can look at affiliate programs for hosting and promote is as the best WordPress hosting on your website. Since your audience is web-masters it might earn you a extra few sales per month.

      Here is a good example from the John Chow blog:
      Start Your Blog Today with our Free WordPress Installation Service


      CLICK HERE AND FIND OUT Get up to $120 per sale
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    A lot of people (myself included at times) spend more time worrying about getting more traffic than they do on increasing conversions.

    Often, increasing your conversions is much easier than doubling your traffic.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    You didn't mention anything about an email list, so you should start there. Create a free report in exchange for an email address and start building a list. That way you can connect with people and keep them coming back to your site again & again.

    There are probably thousands of affiliate products you could promote.

    Everything from Ebooks to software and services.
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  • Profile picture of the author G0nzalez
    I have a popup and got 27 subscribers...

    vMartin: Thanks for the tip.

    I need more advice guys.
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  • Profile picture of the author Marketing Fool
    Why not create your own product relating to the niches that your site covers
    "social media, google updates / tips, wordpress tips / plugins / themes, reviews."

    an ebook...membership site...dvd...home study course...etc..

    and market that to your site visitors.
    Learn to CODE at - It's Pretty Awesome!
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  • Hi G0nzalez,
    Good stats to start with and earn from our blog.

    You can earn using Affiliate Links for different products such as - Wordpress Themes, Hosting Plans, Wordpress Plugins.

    I suggest you to write articles -
    1. Top WordPress themes to chose from for you new blog
    2. How to start a blog from scratch
    3. Top 15 Wordpress Plugins you shouldn't miss

    Register for different affiliate programs viz -
    Themes - Elegant Themes, ThemeForest
    Hosting - Bluehost, Hostgator
    Plugins - Tailwind, Board Booster, Yoast

    Also you can write post about Free wordpress blog setup service and provide them with hosting links.
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