Am I really capable of creating products that people want?

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I've been at IM for over two months now, and I've learned a ton thanks mostly to this forum. Initially there was some severe information overload, and I've suffered through doubts and sticking points. It took me a while to simply understand how to make a website that didn't look like stinky doodoo. Plus there is a lot of terminology that is taken for granted that newbies like me don't understand(WSO, OTO, sales funnel, squeeze page).

The next insurmountable obstacle was figuring out how to market, create ads, work aweber, keyword research, how to not suck at copywriting, how to use social media, ezine articles, craigslist, not to mention graphics and video that I could outsource. Yeah, you aren't suppose to do all of that, but I like to learn as much as possible so that I can figure out what works best for me.

The Problem now is that my particular niche, I am extremely passionate about. And I'm lucky enough to have a demand for it online, but I don't believe I am capable of getting people to purchase from me. All that I am really capable of is providing information, and making PP/Camstudio videos, is this really enough to get people to open their wallet and purchase $10...$40...$100...$300 worth of material in a sales funnel?

Mostly I've decided now to just do this for me. I haven't made a dime yet despite the money that I've invested, but this is always something I've wanted to do. I have some extremely unique content that I think will change peoples lives, and although some of this information is available nobody has created the learning format and implementation system that I am working on.

I guess what I am asking for is some motivation here, or some perspective? I personally wouldn't pay much money for my product, do people really cough up crazy amounts of cash for ebooks and videos? Thanks for any input!
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    People buy information products, ebooks and videos, by the boatload every day, so yes you can make money with the skills you already have. . That said it will take time and effort for you to get there. You'll have a lot to learn from copywriting to effective marketing. Outsource what you can, technically stuff and such, and focus on doing the activities that earn you money such as promoting your business. Remember to "test test test" and always be updating your content and products as your experience grows.

    Also, make sure you're giving your market what they want and not what you think they might want. The two may be the same but don't just assume. Ask your customers what they want, they'll often times tell you what they'll spend their money on.

    Good luck, you can do this! Just stay focused and alway apply what you learn.

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    No doubt, people really need information. One great piece of advice that i got from a youtube video was that there is enough content out there but what people need is a guide to get them the right info that they need.

    one thing i noticed from your post is this:
    "And I'm lucky enough to have a demand for it online, but I don't believe I am capable of getting people to purchase from me."

    that seems to be a contradiction. if there is demand, then why do you doubt yourself? don't doubt yourself!! do you feel you're not a good guide?? Why not?

    check it out, a great motivational book that will allow you to break down these mental blocks most of us build through the years is think and grow rich by napoleon hill, it's awesome, great ideas that will change your life, no kidding! Anyway, good luck with your online business, wish you the best!
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    You sold 4 people on giving up several minutes of their time to read and reply to your post. That's a start.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    It's all about marketing. You have people that have never been on a date making lots of cash promoting dating products which they might have created themselves.

    Just create a killer looking product with value and make sure you get it out to people.
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    No one knows you....they don't know they're getting a product from you, it shouldn't enter into it.

    Create a product with a built up demand. Package it nicely, professionally...present it to it's target the people what benefits they'll receive by purchasing...

    Who you are makes no difference whatsoever...
    Learn to CODE at - It's Pretty Awesome!
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    yes people do pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for online courses but they have to feel like they will be getting their moneys worth and lots of value

    the most important thing you have to get right is the niche that you are in, make sure there is already lots of products being sold in your niche if there isn't then you should be very concerned

    being passionate about a niche doesn't mean a thing, it needs to be profitable as well otherwise you are wasting your time

    also just bare in mind that you need build some authority up before you can sometimes start charging hundreds of dollars and especially thousands of dollars for products in your niche
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    Let me start by saying everyone has their own opinion; always keep that in mind - regardless of what ANYONE says, my advice would be to find an opinion that resonates with you and keep taking action, no matter what...

    So... on one side of the coin, Marketing Fool's response is spot on... if you are in a niche with built-in demand, sometimes, all you really have to do is get your research down, put together something everyone wants, and get it in front of them.

    HOWEVER, I think the relationship can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the right niche, especially in the long run - think Frank Kern selling you something vs. a nameless, faceless forum profile...

    The fastest way to position yourself as an authority is to KNOW YOUR SHI* - and it sounds like you do... so have confidence in that, brother! You've done more research and spent more time than probably 99%+ of the people looking for said information...

    Just keep your chin up and keep moving forward
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      The key is to really create a product based on their wants and not their needs.

      People aren't interested in hearing what they need, only in what they want.

      Find out who your target market is who will buy your product and create some content based around what they want. If it's good quality content... get it in the hands of the right people and let them see it. If it's as good as you say, you should do well.
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    No one can motivate you to do something... it's gotta come from within.

    Asking permission to succeed, in my eyes, is foolish. Either you want to
    figure this thing out, or you don't.

    Believe me, there will be lean days and sh*tty years... but that makes the satisfaction of success all the more worth it.

    Look no one appreciates getting handed stuff... but they sure appreciate the hell out of hard work and earning it.

    I remember when I started online back in 2001, I had so many doubts.

    It doesn't help when all you see are zeros in your bank account, and your weekly sales are $10 or so. I had many, many weeks where I made $0 online, but never gave

    so when the $10,000 weeks came in a few years later, it was that much sweeter because i had worked so hard.

    But you know what, either you're motivated to succeed and figure it out, or you're not.

    Nothing wrong with not, just realize it fast so you don't waste a ton of time and money trying to figure it out.

    In this biz, you just HAVE to keep moving forward.

    It has to come from within, you can't be motivated by outside forces, you gotta want it yourself.

    Heck, that's what I learned that helped me the most about selling.

    Just give people what they are already motivated to do/get.

    Don't create motivation, just put your product/service right in front of that
    existing motivation... its much easier to sell that way.

    So again, you asked if you're capable of creating products that people want... really only you can determine that.
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    Thanks for the input!

    I've got plenty of motivation, I'm going to see this through no matter what, and the longer that I immerse myself in this the easier it gets. It isn't a matter of making money right now.

    Its just that I see a ton of sites and products, and only the ones that blow me away give me any inkling of opening up my wallet. If it isn't a non-information product, I barely give it any value unless it is written by an authority a doctor or professor.

    Someone touched on this a little bit already, that people do not know who I am. But how am I suppose to get people to value my information when I'm just some joe blow sitting behind a computer? I think I would need some immediate authority such as a PhD or strong referrals in order to convince people to stay on the page long enough to sell them on the product.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction to a course or training that teaches this thoroughly, I'm not having much luck.
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