I need website feedback, please.

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I've been developing a website for about a week now and I'm almost done. The niche is alternative energy sources, though I stick mainly to solar power.

Here it is (not trying to promote my site, just want feedback):

Welcome to IndependentCleanergy.com - Home

I still need to add content to one page (where to buy), but the others are done for the most part. Let me know what you guys think.

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    That welcome message up the top is a complete waste of screen space.

    Why solar energy?

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    To go right along with John's point... screen space is so utterly important that you're selling yourself WAY short by having that massive logo/welcome message up top - kill it, or make it way, way smaller.

    Also - what will your traffic source be?

    If it's SEO, the structure you have so far is decent... if it's something like referral or forum traffic, there's a reason why people use squeeze pages - ALL the other stuff on the page is useless if they don't scroll and opt-in (if that's your #1 goal) - always keep your biggest goal in mind when structuring pages/posts.

    Keep playing with it and taking action - good luck!
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      Get rid of that Welcome banner up to and get a good, small, clean logo.

      Fiver would be a good start for a placeholder unless you can make one yourself...

      Or of course, if you can afford a good design, go for it!

      Secondly, you have a lot of white space on both sides of the menu so...

      If you are trying to build a list, move your newsletter Sign Up to the top right

      Also, I would work on the formatting on some of the pages as in:

      Make the lines run even, that kind thing but other than that, it has potential.

      It has a good, clean look to it but this is just honest criticism.

      Hope it helps! Good luck with your new site!

      Oh, and remove the "Web Hosting by HostGator" at the bottom of the page.

      You could put your email there, a phone number, or even a copyright.
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    I'd get rid of the "Hosted by hostgator" link at the bottom of the screen...

    and I'll echo the others...get rid of that huge welcome logo...
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    The logo/ header is "blah". Perhaps an actual graphic?

    The sales pitch is also "blah" and not very convincing.

    In your advantages/ disadvantages sections, you give no proof to the claims and no statistics.
    How much money will it save you?
    How much have carbon admissions decreased since changing to solar?

    You have no TOS or privacy page, so google won't like you.

    Also, little posts on the subject... Meaning google will really not like you.

    This niche is very saturated, and you are taking the regular path to attempt to get sales. You need to be different that all the other websites, perhaps elaborate on solar case studies, the costs, maybe a forum?

    I would also suggest a new domain name, for it is just too long and annoying.

    The theme is nice, but I don't think that it will serve the purpose that I have just talked about.

    P.s. Never say "Welcome to the website". It is very tacky and useless.
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    There's nothing on your Where to Buy page but the same optin as every other page.

    I agree that your copy on the homepage and for your newsletter is pretty boring too.

    Copy is an art, and you've got some touch ups to do.

    How do you plan on driving traffic to this site?
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