Who Are Some Of The TOP Amazon Affiliates That You Know or Heard Of?

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Have you bought an Amazon course, plugin or theme from either a Warrior or someone else that was TOP Notch?

Do you recommend anyone as a "personal" coach, someone who is "Well-Known" in our community or even outside of this forum?

If so please share.....

I do very well for myself on Amazon already...just looking for referred Amazon Affiliate Marketers....for a project I am working on...

But I am sure this list will help others out too. So please don't try to sell yourself to me as I am NOT looking for help in affiliate marketing.
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  • Roger Langille is a top Amazon affiliate.

    But he recruits others to sell products breaking Amazon and eBay's TOS using his affiliate code.

    Would I recommend him? Nope. Just wanted to answer your question - I knew/heard of one - just wanted to warn you against him.
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      Amazon is very protective of affiliates' privacy, and any unauthorized disclosure of non-public information including methods or earnings can be grounds for legal action. Here in the 'hood, you could even get the crap beaten out of you by associates (ie henchmen) of top affiliates for such comments as in the previous post.
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