If I Had 500 dollars?

by deltyf
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Hey warriors,

I was thinking today if I saved 500 dollars to invest into internet marketing what would I do? How would I do it?

Would I create a niche website, blog, or ecommerce store?
Would I base my online business around affiliate marketing?
Would I make professional affiliate videos and promote them? Or combine everything above? What tools or helpful software would I invest in to make the process a little bit easier to maintain? What would I invest in to create a monthly recurring income online and eventually be able to cut the rope on my JOB?

What would you do...or if you have done it before what did you do?

Is 500 not enough...then how much you think to start an online business?

Feel free to pm me...

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    $500 is more than enough. Actually, I'd start with just the following:

    1 year's worth of hosting
    1 year domain name registration

    Stuff I'd do on my own (free)

    1 post per day for 1 year = 350 words x 365 days = 127,750 words
    5 Web 2.0 links per blog post
    5 forum posts per blog post
    5 blog comments per blog post
    1 tweet with hashtags per blog post
    1 FB page update per blog post
    5 FB groups posts per blog post
    5 guest post solicitations per blog post

    So 1 blog, 2 hours or less of daily labor.


    Mailing list income
    CPA from review posts

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    What a great question - and I'm sure you'll get many valuable replies.

    Personally, I would invest in quality coaching. It is available in that price range - just do some research and find one you think you'll be happy with. Get some reviews, etc.

    The reason I say this, is because there are just sooooo many avenues to go down and you can waste a lot of time doing something that really doesn't produce results. Personally I was doing mini sniper type sites which were all the rage a couple of years ago until Google anihilated them with all their cheeky animal updates (Panda, Penquin, etc).

    You want to be sure you have a long term business model and, ideally something that can make you some cash quickly. And a good coach will take you there.

    I hope that helps :-)

    We don't need to Compete, if we'll only just Create! When we create, there is no competition.

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    $500 is more than enough to get going!

    My Advice would be to join a membership site, - I am with Rob Cornish, I have been with him for a while now and as you are a Complete Newbie (by the sound of things) then this is the place to start.

    If you join Rob you will learn everything you need to know through Step By Step Video Tutorials >> How to find a Niche, Build your Site, Getting Traffic - nothing is left out!

    If you really have no idea on getting started then you'd be wise to join GHG first and learn all about Niche Selection - Keywords etc. before you dive into getting your Domain Name.

    One word of warning - do not get caught up in the buying of WSO's - it is very addictive and can cost you a lot of money!

    There is no Magic Button, so don't listen to anyone you tells you there is. Follow a plan to set up a real IM Business - Focus on it and Stick to it.

    If you are interested in learning more about Rob, click link below to watch his Free Video Interview.

    Good Luck.
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