3 Days To Get Real Targeted Subscribers...How Would You Do It?

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Trying to get at least 20 more people subscribed to my list in the next 3 days to start my campaign.

What is the best way to do this? I'm not looking for junk subscribers, though I'm sure there will be some who are not really interested.
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    Originally Posted by featherstory View Post

    What is the best way to do this?
    There isn't one objectively "best" way.

    Like almost everything else in internet marketing, the financial outcome depends on your skill set and the extent to which you emphasise quality and relevance/targeting over speed and numerical/quantitative approaches.

    I feel like I ought to apologize, because that almost certainly isn't the kind of answer you wanted; unfortunately, however, that doesn't stop it from being true.

    Personally, I would spend one of the three days (or something like 4-5 hours of it, anyway) writing a 1,200-1,500-word article full of controversy and high entertainment value, giving some information not available elsewhere online, asking a couple of profound questions designed to provoke/stimulate people and make them maximally curious, and add on at the end a non-salesy link to one of my content-rich sites with a prominently incentivized opt-in on its content-rich landing-page. I'd then publish the article on my own site, and after it's been indexed there, I'd spend a day or so identifying and approaching people who need content in that niche (e.g. the publishers of ezines with relevant subscriber-lists and webmasters with relevant visitors/readers in the niche), and offer them the article, to share with their own subscribers/readers/visitors, entirely free of charge, on standard article syndication terms.

    I'd do that because it's my skill-set, and because it's a high-quality, highly-targeted approach which can bring many hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of opt-ins from the exact types of traffic demographics I want to attract (i.e. not search engine traffic - that's not much use to me). Whether or not it will specifically bring "20 people within 3 days", in any individual instance, I neither know nor care - because like most internet marketers, I can't make a living from fast, quantity-driven approaches, and as I have a mortgage and bills to pay, they're simply not relevant to me. Just my perspective.
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    This is great advice! I am trying to have a bit of a larger audience for my new campaign that I am testing. I don't feel like 20 interested subscribers in 3 days is too much, and if I don't get 20, oh well, it's just a goal that I think would help me to get the results I'm looking for.

    I am primarily a writer, so this is really a great idea for me and exactly what I will be doing, thanks so much for your advice.
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      Hey featherstory, Lexy's advice is awesome!

      However another way, which is exceedingly quick and easy would be to buy a solo ad for your niche. If your optin form / squeeze page converts at say 30% then you could buy a 70 click Solo and viola! You'll have around 20 new subscribers!

      We don't need to Compete, if we'll only just Create! When we create, there is no competition.

      Take the pain out of Affliliate Marketing and make some money as soon as tommorrow!
      Get details at my blog NOW.

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        Aside from all of the advice posted on here thus far, I would:

        1. See if you can find someone who has a list in your niche and ask them to share.

        2. Sign up for Bing Ads and use your free $50 coupon.

        3. Know of a high traffic blog? Ask to do a guest post.
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    If I were looking for info on list building, I would click 'Alexa Smith' then I'd click 'Find More Posts By Alexa Smith'. You'll find an enormous amount of list building gold.
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    Try paid Ads or Solo Ads which is more expensive if you want quick subscribers in only 3 days
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    Consider signing up at a few of those forums in your niche and posting high quality posts with your signature link.

    You could also createa youtube video and try get traffic to that by using select keywords. Also don't forget about facebook..
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