I have a display space on national highway : what do i advertise about?

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my office is next to a national highway, over 80,000 cars pass through it daily.

i have a LED display board, so everyone one there has to read the board.

i wanted to ask my fellow warriors - what should i advertise there about?

right now i have this

100% free website : call 123123123

but i am having no success there ( strange, nobody wants something for free?)

what should i advertise there?
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    do a cpa offer or something.
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    Couple things.

    1) Add some mystery to the offer. Don't outright tell them everything. You have to draw their attention (so much so to write down your number and remember to call later, etc). Possibly put a web address other than a phone number?

    2) Is the number easy to read? As in 800-555-1234 or 888-424-2424? Anything other than that wont work. But I'd really push again (like I did in point 1) an easy to remember web address is better.

    Otherwise Billboards are really good for ONE thing. Brand recognition. Meaning advertising accompanied by outside advertising. Advertising McDonalds this way works well because of this. Drivers already know who McDonalds is... but they are forced to remember McDonalds and the thought of getting food there everytime they pass...
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    yeah don't use a telephone number....people are driving by, they can't possibly be expected to memorize the number as they whiz past....

    use a domain name...a SHORT - catchy - easy to remember domain name...see how that works out.
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      This gives new meaning to the Internet marketing term "traffic."

      I'm guessing that this kind of traffic is not targeted at all.

      What percentage of those 80,000 people (which, by the way, includes babies, kids, and sleeping corpses in the back seat) are looking for a free web site right now?

      You would do better to have your billboard say "Cold drinks and clean restrooms - next exit."

      Cold drinks and restrooms are probably on the minds of many travelers.

      Good luck,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    i'd say use a website. or use a short code. this can be easier to remember as everything is short. i would also put like a warning as ppl tend to be intrigued by cautions or warnings.,
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    Gary Vaynerchuk once said: “people aren’t looking at billboards when they’re driving, in fact, they’re not even looking at the road.”
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    Originally Posted by competent123 View Post

    right now i have this

    100% free website : call 123123123
    It's probably cause you're one number short. Ba dum tssh!

    But in all serious, it is odd that NOBODY has taken that offer. It's tough to say considering I haven't seen the advertisement, or location.

    My best guess is that a website isn't appealing to most people, IMO. And the people who are interested in a website probably already have them. Also, you don't have to time that's necessary to explain why a website can be beneficial to car passing at 80 mph.

    For relatively passive income, I would rent it out to a local business (gas station, convenience store, hotel, amusement place in the area, etc) who could easy put up a sign that says "gas station this exit" and everyone automatically knows what it means.

    Depending on the road and the exit you're on, I would consider setting up a mobile marketing platform such as "text 12345 for local deals" - assuming your close to where hotels, bars, etc are for travelers/residents. Then you'd get their phone number, could continue marketing to them via. As your list grows you could charge local business to send a "blast" to your list of phone numbers. It could possibly be set up to segment different lists by a "what are you interested in" text. Then you have targeted traffic and could sell it to local businesses. You could also use it to sell your own websites. Disclaimer: don't text and drive.

    Depending on your location, mall, strip mall, stand alone, etc., you could advertise multiple businesses on it for free or a nominal fee in hopes of getting more foot traffic in front of your location.

    Depending on what type of travelers pass by, you could create a free app and capture leads that way. Then sell or advertise on the back end.

    I would try to build some sort of list whether it be email via a website (music, local deals) or mobile marketing (phone numbers), then sell to them on the back side. Just 1% of 1% would be 8 subscribers to your list and almost 3,000 subscribers each year.

    Also, I once passed a flashing billboard that said "YOUR WIFE LOOKS HOT!" then it flashed to "GET YOUR A/C CHECKED FOR FREE TODAY!" Thought it was funny. I take my car there now.
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    Is it really odd that nobody called, though? Would any of you here call a number on an ad that offers a free website? I wouldn't. I'd just think that it's a weird/strange/odd ad but then think nothing of it. If it were a URL I might drop by out of curiosity, but I wouldn't call a phone number.

    Just my $0.02.

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    Email and mobile numbers are not an issue for me, i got database of entire nation ( all the emails and phone numbers activated along with all their personal info. almost 800-million records ( yes, its 800-million of them.
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      Originally Posted by competent123 View Post

      Email and mobile numbers are not an issue for me, i got database of entire nation ( all the emails and phone numbers activated along with all their personal info. almost 800-million records ( yes, its 800-million of them.
      What are you doing with this information, out of interest?

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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        Originally Posted by Richard Van View Post

        What are you doing with this information, out of interest?
        nothing, what can i do with it? i cant spam it via sms, i can't spam it via email ( or i dont know how)

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    I drive, by tons of billboards on the highway. It is impossible to remember, phone numbers that are listed on them. If someone is driving with, a passenger...then they might be able to write down the number.

    Keep your billboard, simple. Use a website, that is easy to remember and use a headline that targets your audience. just like, others said...out of 80,000 people that are driving...how targeted is your billboard?

    Billboards, are used mostly for branding, big businesses like AT&T, Toyota use em.

    I could be wrong, but out of 80,000 people I bet 40,000 or more want to quit their jobs...because they probably hate, driving in traffic...to get to work. If you, are offering IM services/products...use something like "Quit Your Job Today" and use a website like "www.QuitMycrappyjobdotcom"..Make it simple for them remember......

    Good luck
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    Also, I wanted to add...branding is a waste of money for business, that are small and don't have much money. Of course, this is via billboards...you can use adwords and brand much, much cheaper. Billboards can cost from $10,000 and up, so don't think branding if..you cannot afford it.
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    Put an ad " Advertise Here" Lot's of people will call you to purchase that space.
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      Try a swap with another board maybe at an intersection
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    Most people who pass the billboard, don't say " hey I need a free website "

    You are better off promoting something as an affiliate, like " Are you paying more than $5 a month for phone service? Go to simple domain.com to slash your phone bill in half "

    Be creative, do something like "Don't go here.com" and see how many people do
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    Maybe you can consider hiring out for FMG goods ads.....

    It may not work well for your intended purpose since the 80000 guys you are talking of may not even have time to look at your ads and may not interest them much.
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