Some cool Twitter resources

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Hi Warriors,

I just posted these on my blog and thought some of you might appreciate them too:

1 - Valebrity

This site will let you check whether that celeb profile you've found is real or not.

2 - JustTweetIt

A good side for finding Twitterers with similar interests to you.

3 - Twestival

A growing group of Twitter users raising money for charity.

4 - TwitPic

My favourite app for sharing your photos with Twitter users.

5 - Twittervision

Let's you see where in the world people are twittering from.

6 - NearbyTweets

A cool app that shows Twitter users in your area.

7 - Twitterjobsearch

Yes - there's a way to find work on Twitter too.

8 - Tweetwasters

See how much time you're wasting on Twitter.

9 - BiggerTwitter

Let's you post messages longer than the usual 140 characters.

10 - Twitbacks

Some nice free backgrounds for your Twitter profile.

11 - Tweetstats

Check out the statistics on your Twitter use.

12 - Tweetlater

A really useful little application that let's you schedule your posts for later, and some other cool functions too.

13 - TweetWhatYouEat
Helps you keep a food diary if you're dieting.

14 - SnapTweet
A site for sharing Flickr photos on Twitter.

15 - WeFollow
Directory of Twitter users, tagged by subject areas.

16 - Twellow
Like a Yellow Pages for Twitter users and services.

17 - Twitaddict
Add your name to the list of Twitter addicts.

18 - Twitterholic
An up-to-date list of the top 100 Twitter users with the most followers.

19 - TwitThis
A site to help website or blog visitors share a link to it via Twitter.

20 - FriendOrFollow
List of users who you're following but that aren't following you back.

21 - MeTweet
A personal assistant to help you find new people to follow.

22 - TweetBeep
Alerts you whenever you're being tweeted about.
I hope you find those fun and useful.
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